Why do we put up Christmas wreaths on our doors?

Don’t ya just hate it when your kid asks you a question and you think, umm, because we do, that’s why.

I never remember questioning anything when I grew up. We just did certain things at Christmas. I looked forward to it. But I never really asked “why”.

Did you as a lot of questions, or is this just a quirk of the new generation?

Anyway, this is the reason behind hanging a Christmas Wreath on a door, courtesy of our pastor. (I’ll paraphrase)

A Christmas wreath, in essence, is an advent wreath without the candles. it is a circle–without beginning or end, compromised of evergreen branches.  It symbolizes God’s everlasting love for us, and our hope in everlasting life with Jesus.

Wow. Pretty cool, huh?

So next time you see a wreath on a door, take a moment to remember the true meaning of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas


10 responses to “Why do we put up Christmas wreaths on our doors?

  1. Wreaths always seem like the cycles of life – always a nice thing to consider no matter the season.

  2. I have always felt that decorating with evergreens reminds us that life persists even in the coldest months, and that time will bring us a beautiful renewal. Which is why I hate silk decorations, even though the real ones drop needles everywhere.

  3. I had never asked and had no idea of the answer(s). Huh. I live and learn.

  4. Thanks. Makes sense.

  5. The wreath symbolises many things in many cultures around the world, not just the Christian interpretation.

    It can symbolise the Wheel of the Year, which for some religions and spiritual traditions, including my own, recognises the end of the celestial year past and welcomes in the new year to come at Winter Solstice … our New Year’s Eve/Day.

    For other cultures it remains a warning to ‘uneasy’ spirits not to cross the threshold during times of sacred ritual.

    For others, it’s an opportunity to spread the bling 😀