Happy Boxing Day! Boxing day? What the stink is boxing day?

Happy Boxing day!

Boxing day means a lot of different things, all depending on where you are.

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In the USA, we don’t really call it boxing day, but it is the day you take back all those boxes to the store… the day you get rid of the presents you didn’t want (Yes, I am looking at YOU Mr. Scrooge!)

Ha!  The day after Christmas was the most fun for me when I worked in retail. I loved working the return tables.  The lines were always out the door, and the day just flew by (yeah, I’m weird that way)

I’ve heard that in Europe, Boxing Day is the day that servants get to celebrate Christmas with their families. It is an old tradition handed down from long ago. Since servants had to serve their families on Christmas Day, they took the day after off to have their own Christmas.  They called it “Boxing Day” because they frequently took home a box from their employer that either contained a present, or leftovers or other goodies from Christmas for their own Christmas take-two on December 26th.  Sounds like fun to me!

Anyone else out there celebrate Boxing Day? What does it mean to you?


5 responses to “Happy Boxing Day! Boxing day? What the stink is boxing day?

  1. It sounds almost like April Fool — a nod to the reality of class and culture, but with a dash of kindness. I imagine the left-overs from Christmas Dinner in the big house seemed like a real bonanza to working class families back then.

  2. Boxing Day is put-my-feet-up and don’t-answer-the-phone day. 🙂
    I’d read about the servants having the day off but for the most part, in Canada it’s shop-till-you-drop. Bah. I tried this once many years ago and never again. The crowds? No, too tame a word. More like mobs. No thanks. *grins*

  3. Ah, thank you for that. I didn`t know where the name Boxing Day had originated. Here in Ireland, it`s more often called St Stephen`s Day, after the first Christian martyr. And here, the tradition in some parts of the country is for people to go from one house to another singing. They`re called Wren boys because in the past they used to kill the wren on Stephen`s Day. No, I don`t know why!