How a simple change of attitude can change your life. You cannot change others, but you can change YOU

I came across this training session today. Most of these things I roll my eyes at, but this one I thought was particularly good.  This is a segment of a seminar given by Zig Ziglar, who I’d heard of, but never listened too.

Now, to be honest, his method of presentation is a bit off-putting to me, so if the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, I suggest just closing your eyes and concentrating on what he says.

This is not targeted at authors. I think this can benefit many people in many ways.  The last 45 seconds or so, in particular, packs an extra-special punch.

This is about nine minutes long. I suggest taking a minute to listen. People spend big bucks to hear seminars like this, and here you have it for free.

In general, I am a huge optimist. I’m glad I can smile at how wonderful the world is when people around me are hemming and hawing over their rejections and writer’s block. Negativity loves company, but that’s not the company I want to keep. It sucks creative energy.

If I ever start to get negative, I’m coming back to this post to give a listen.

A positive attitude can snowball into positive results.

Give it a try. You may be surprised.

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9 responses to “How a simple change of attitude can change your life. You cannot change others, but you can change YOU

  1. I am grateful for this post. Thank you!

  2. I believe that attitude is everything and you need to believe in yourself to make happiness happen. Thanks, Jennifer, for a wonder post.

  3. Feelings lie . . . joy is a choice. We may not always have happiness happening around us, but we can always choose to look for the silver linings 🙂 Great reminder!

    • I love snow. Snow is pretty. Snow is white and clean.
      I love being stuck in my house.
      I love watching my dog run in the snow.
      I love when the kids are stuck in the house with me.
      I love when the kids and my husband are stuck in the house together.
      I love prying snow out of my poodle’s paws.

      I love…. Ergh! I’m trying!

  4. I’ve always believed when you are down and out and negative, that’s what you attract. When you pull up your boot straps and embrace you life and the positive, then the universe is yours.

  5. It’s so true. I wrote a post the other day titled “It’s all about me…and the universe” and i touched on the same thinking. It is all about what we think and feel inside that changes the outcome of everything. There will be times we all feel down, blue, depressed, sad, and sometimes it’s hard to pull up and out. But most of us do, and we’re stronger for it. Thanks for sharing. I’m marking it for my kids and hubby to watch.