Raising The Bar-learning from your everyday read

This is a great article about learning from what you read, and working hard to make your writing dreams come true.

It is also one of the nicest reviews I have ever received.   Thank you JM!

Raising The Bar.

3 responses to “Raising The Bar-learning from your everyday read

  1. A wonderful review and you deserve it. Excellent points. Learning never stops no matter what your passion. 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome, Jennifer! Paper Wishes is a great story, and you can’t beat learning from something you enjoy. 🙂

  3. Great review ! Super for you. Great article too. Using the metaphor of an athlete shows that working out is important especially if one wants to reach the highest pinnacle when it comes to writing. That’s the dream. That dream can come in various ways. It doesn’t have to reach the highest pinnacle in the publishing world – confidence building is the key. As always the more one reads, the more nails you put in your head so that you can construct any worthwhile project. Sometimes though you have to pull the nails like it comes to editing. Eventually its a done deal when words have been hammered down perfectly.