Unexpected High Points While You’re Waiting on a Submission

The torment of waiting can have its high points

The clock is ticking on a manuscript I submitted now 51 days ago. Within another week (hopefully) I will hear something. It’s good they have it a long time, right? If they hated the first few pages, they would have stopped reading and rejected it by now. Right?

Right? Right? Right?

But what if they are just behind? What if the editor has been out sick, and papers have piled up? What if she gets back from a vacation or something and then just rejects everyone just to get current again!?????


It can totally get to you. I swear.

Anyway, I got a bright little flicker of hope today.

In response to an earlier query, I got a request for full from another publisher I’ve targeted for their awesomeness. For non-writerly-types, that means they have asked to read the entire manuscript.


It feels good, having my completed manuscript in the hands of two publishing houses that I have had my eye on for a while. But even with a few successes under my belt, I still bite off my nails.

Publishing is so subjective.

Woman Erg PitchforkThey could take a manuscript just because their boss yelled at them and said “More aliens!”

Likewise, they can reject a fantastic manuscript because they spilled their coffee, missed the bus, or their boss just yelled at them: “We have enough aliens!”

It can leave you pulling your hair out. I swear it can.


So now I am at Day 51 with one publisher, and Day One with another publisher.

And the waiting goes on.

Anyone have any antacid? I ran out a week ago.



12 responses to “Unexpected High Points While You’re Waiting on a Submission

  1. My fingers are crossed for you, too!

  2. Remember to stop for breffs!

  3. I spent a day with agents telling about the “good old days” when everything was done by snail mail and your first sent a query, then if you received a positive response via snail mail, you sent the first 10 pages and then if you received another positive response via snail mail, you sent the full. I guess we should be thankful for electronic submissions. 😀 Good luck!

  4. Great that it’s being read at more than one place. Keep your chin up!

  5. I am working on the query to send to the second agency on my list of desirables since it’s coming up on four weeks of hearing nothing from my first pick. Should I do simultaneous queries to agencies? I mean, until they request the full manuscript does it really count as “in the works”? If I must wait 4-6 weeks before even sending a new query, I foresee too much waiting in my future.
    Congratulations on the manuscript request. I would be over the moon with excitement. Make sure to let us know when you hear back.

    • If you are sending out the query only, you should do it in batches. I sent in batches of twenty or so. If you get a request for full, some don’t like simultaneous, because they are taking the time to read a book that might get sold out from under them. You should give them a timeframe if you agree. Say, 2 or 3 weeks to read and decide. Otherwise, you are sitting and waiting forever and they may not be even reading it yet.

      For queries only, though, in most cases you are fine with multiple submissions. Anyway, how would they find out? If you had to call them, you would have good news from someone else, anyway.

      • I was thinking the same thing – who would know? If I have more than one request for the full manuscript, that is an entirely different scenario.
        I believe I will send out a “batch” when I do the next query, although I think I only have a list of ten agencies that really sounded like an excellent fit for me.
        Thanks for responding with sound advice. I’m a newbie who can use all the enlightenment more seasoned authors have to offer.

  6. Oh the waiting, but another request for the whole manuscript? Awesome.

  7. That’s so exciting that you got two manuscript requests! Means you must have something intriguing! Best of luck and stay positive.

  8. You poor thing Jennifer ! I’m keeping fingers crossed for you 🙂