When the edits are finally over… Whew!

Edits are finally done for FIRE IN THE WOODS. Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, while the other part of me cringes in horror.

This was a multi-faceted process, which would have been much easier if I was not writing book two, ASHES IN THE SKY at the same time under a very stringent deadline. I work great under pressure, but not always great under double pressure.

Book Left1Developmental Edit

Anyway, step one was the Developmental Edit. This was not all that hard. There were two minor changes… one that took a half-hour phone conversation with my editor until we worked it out… but really minor for the overall story. #1 was ramping up the father’s reaction at one point, and #2 was giving Jess a little more of a reason to be afraid of another character. Overall, easy fixes.

Book Right1General Editing

After the developmental edit we went through three rounds of general editing for flow, readability and stuff like that. Here is where I found all those words that were repeated. This was the most painstaking part for me.

Book Right1Proofreading

After this we went through three FULL READS of the novel front to back looking for typos, mis-spelled words, improper punctuation and the like. THIS is the part that scares me. I found errors each time I read it (after correcting what I found the previous time). This really stresses me out because being a perfectionist; I would like to have been able to read through front to back without finding any typos. All I can do at this point is hope and pray I found them all. (And maybe bite off a few nails)

So, I leave for vacation knowing that my work is done, and all I need to do now is worry about book two… and reapplying sun screen.




18 responses to “When the edits are finally over… Whew!

  1. Enjoy that vacation because you have earned it! Alas, as Widdershins alludes to with her work, there will almost certainly be at least one typo or missed bit of punctuation in the final copy. I’ve yet to read any novel that doesn’t! And if they’re getting past multiple professionals, your perfectionist side shouldn’t feel too bad about missing them, too. 🙂

  2. Awesome! Enjoy your vacay & rest easy that whatever mistakes you missed (if any), the publisher’s proofreader will catch *fingers crossed*

  3. It’s a wonderful story and I’m ready for book two (so why are you going on vacation?) Just kidding. You deserve a break after all the editing.
    I’m always horrified by typos in my own work, as well. This is why I had another English lover proofread my other manuscript. I think my brain just skips some of those dumb mistakes because it knows what I meant.
    Have a great vacation. Somewhere sunny since you’re slathering on sunscreen?

  4. After four drafts, I’m still stuck in the developmental editing stage. I feel like this could have been avoided if I’d taken more time on my outline (I had an outline, but it relied heavily on cliche and weak plot). I can’t imagine how great it must feel for you to be done with editing in full!

  5. WTG!!! 🙂
    I’ve come to terms with the fact that no matter how I try there will ALWAYS be at least one typo. I think it’s some arcane law in the writers handbook … probably a footnote of a sub-sub-section.

  6. OMG. You’ve wasted NO time. DO have a relaxing HOLIDAY. You’ve accomplished so much; you deserve one. Afterward, you’ll come back pumped up again! 😀 I’m tired: you’ve, you’ve and you’ll. Ugh.

  7. Wonderful feeling to finish things up before a vacation, isn’t it? Have a great time. Sounds like you’ve more than earned it!