I’m kinda embarrassed I liked this book so much… A review of THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass – (Audiobook) Holy Toledo. For some reason I feel like I should blush and run and hide as I admit that I really, really loved this book! Is it genius, the literary epitome of perfect prose? Well, no. Not at all. It is a fluffy, girly novel that appeals to every little bit of me who still sighs when I watch a Disney princess movie.

In the world of The Selection, the USA is now a dystopian country ruled by a monarchy. The future queen is chosen from the ranks of commoners. If you are old enough when the prince comes of age, you can enter the lottery, and if you are picked for your state, you go to the capital with the 60 other “winners” and end up in something akin to a bachelor/Miss America competition—winner gets the prince, and the crown. America (Yes, the heroine has this incredibly cheezy name) does not want to be in the competition, but she tries to stay as long as possible, because each day she stays, her family is compensated handsomely, and they are very poor (so this is a pretty good gig for her.)

I kinda knew the outcome, because “The Selected” are narrowed down to “The Elite” who are the last six in the competition before a winner is chosen. Book two is called “The Elite” so, yeah, no surprise how it ends or who is among the lucky few remaining in the competition… but even though this was ultimately predictable, and I was disappointed that the love triangle that I hoped would die early reared its ugly head again at the end…(sorry minor spoiler)

Anyway – none of the predictability mattered, because the ride to get there was just so much fun. So far this, and Talon are in a class of maybe 5 books that I read in the past several years that left me reaching for the next book. Again, don’t expect anything epic or surprising. This is total fluff, but even typing this, I have a huge smile on my face. Gosh, I feel like a sap for loving this so much. [Hangs her head in shame]

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5 responses to “I’m kinda embarrassed I liked this book so much… A review of THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass

  1. This book was just recommended to me a week ago! Hm…I’ll have to check it out! What is the setting of the book? Is it modern, or is it old-fashioned?

    • It’s actually in the future. After multiple wars, the United States is gone and it is a completely different country.

      • Okay! Thanks so much! I’ll have to put it on my summer reading list. I’m a big fan of the Bible character Esther, who I hear is part of the basis for “The Selection.”

  2. I absolutely loved this entire series of books. It’s romantic and delightfully fun. I haven’t read the last book in the series, THE CROWN, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I thought the writing was excellent. Sometimes we need to read books that aren’t steeped in meaning, but are light and fun and sweet to take us away after a long, hard day. These books are like warm, relaxing baths for the eyes and mind. 🙂