Bring on the gowns and tiaras! A review of “The Elite” by Kiera Cass

The Elite by Kiera Cass (Ebook) This is part two of “The Selection” series. I had super high hopes for this book, probably because I was so surprised by how much I loved the first one. I guess when hopes are so high, a book is bound to falter.

I think part of what I liked about the first book was that it was fluff. I mean really, it was total fluff and it fluffed well. It never tried to be more than fluff. But then here in The Elite, it tries to claw out of the world of fluff and become something more.

Problem is, I didn’t want more. I’d read a few heavy novels before this, and I reached for The Elite expecting more fluff. I got some fluff, maybe even more than normal, but it bothered me that it tried to become “something else.”

I pondered this for a while before writing a review, and I think if I had read this book first, I would have been fine with all the extra political turmoil, because I wouldn’t have been expecting something so light. Does that make sense? Anyway, I liked, not loved this book. I will probably continue with the series, but I will not be scrambling for the next book like I was after reading book one.

**That does not mean I didn’t enjoy this** I just liked the first one better.

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6 responses to “Bring on the gowns and tiaras! A review of “The Elite” by Kiera Cass

  1. Nothing like picking up what you expect to be a light read only to have it drop something heavy on your escape from reality. Still have this series on my list from the eBook library.

  2. Krista Quintana

    I struggled with the series as it continued, probably for the same reason. And because the love triangle made me want to punch something.

    • I despise love triangles. But for some reason YA writer’s love them. UGH!

      • Actually, Sharon, they are required by many publishers. There are standard tropes that they want to see in YA. If there was not a triangle, it would need to be another trope.

        • Maybe another sign I am not meant to write YA. This is difficult for me to swallow. To see that fantasy was probably not going to work out was difficult enough. So, alas, women’s fiction here I come (and there are likely tropes there, too.)

          • That’s not all publishers Sharon. But many have discovered that several tropes sell. Mixing three or more tropes: even better. You can avoid the triangle and still make it. Write what feels right for you.