Don’t. Ever. Peek. A Review of Gravity by Melissa West

Gravity (Ebook) This book is about an alien race that has created portals between our worlds. They visit Earth every night, and by law from an interplanetary treaty, they are allowed to “suck” antibodies from humans while they sleep. They do this so someday they will be able to inhabit Earth.

(The humans are not harmed in any way)

I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it, but I think it was the overall premise of “The Taking” at night and how the humans had to wear blindfolds that bothered me. While it was explained, I never really bought in to the overall premise, which left the story falling a bit flat and unbelievable to me.

Afterthought—The cover may have messed the book up for me as well.

“Don’t. Ever. Peek.”

While they are not supposed to “peek”, this sets itself up for something a little spookier than actually happens in the book. Maybe my issues had to do with expectations. I don’t know. I got nothing.


The human race also gets themselves into a little bit of a pickle when they rebel, and at the end, both their worlds are in some trouble. There was a lot of great action in this book, especially at the end, which is ten tons of readerly-fun.

I might pick up the next book someday, but it’s not going to be at the top of my TBR. Which makes me sad. In some ways, I wonder if it is really this book, or the fact that I have read so many five-star books this year, that anything that rates lower really stands out. You know what… maybe I’ll read the second book anyway. I’m wondering, now as I write this, if the author can work through my niggles in the next book. I’ll let you know.

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