Dorothy Must Die. No, seriously. She must.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page (Audiobook) This book is about a girl named Amy who gets whisked to Oz by a tornado, only to find out Dorothy has taken up residence as an evil dictator, and Glinda, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodsman are her evil cronies. Amy teams up with the Wicked Witches in their plot to kill Dorothy and bring Oz back from the brink of destruction.

This is a very neat tale showing what can happen to you when you get everything you want. I love how the author built on the classic tale, and shows us a new, dystopian future for Oz.

I must say, I was slightly disappointed with then ending. This is a several book series, and nothing gets closure in book one.

At All.

I’m not a fan of that trick. I’d rather have the main conflict completed, and something new pops up to entice the reader to continue. However, I am intrigued by the possibility of where the author might be going with this. I hope I’m right, because if I am, this light, fluffy read might get deep.

So yes, I will probably reach for the next book, maybe next year. This one is worth a read.

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