Let’s Get Wrecked! (Or Maybe Not) A Review of Wrecked by Sherilee Gray

Wrecked by Sherilee Gray (Ebook) I need to give this book three stars and I feel really bad about it. The author is a very talented writer. The words stream freely and are easy to read, and everything about the story “flows”. However, I think this book was a poor match of reader to novel.

I try to read a couple contemporaries a year to keep up with trends in Romance. Once in a while I grab one and shake my head in wonder.

There are some great tortured characters in this book. A wonderful alpha male with issues over a past mistake, and tons of scars to remind himself about it every day. We also have the heroine, the hero’s best friend’s baby sister, who has been in love with our hero since she was a kid, and we find out the feeling has been mutual. The characters were great, but the hero constantly pushing the heroine away because “she deserves better” got annoying after a while. Seriously, I wanted to smack him. Even when they do get together, he is still whining about it won’t ever work, because she deserves better. (And this is probably half the book.)

Also, there was this creepy factor where he watches the girl from out the window, and does inappropriate things to himself. And when he admits it, she is okay with it.


I also had a problem with the way he talked to her. I mean, I guess I’m a prude, but I found just about everything about this guy offensive and I would have drop kicked him out my front door. Now, that being said, I understand that there might be women out there that want to be reduced to a piece of meat and spoken to like trash… so I am trying very hard not to judge…

Also, there was this added tension of a real estate guy trying to buy her house that was never resolved. We also have a on-line-date she goes on to try to make the hero mad, but it backfires… this leads to what I had hoped would be an epic confrontation at the end. But just when the excitement started, it was over as easily as locking a door.

WAAAAY too easy, and a big disappointment.

It is a shame. This author’s writing was pretty good. I might have been inclined to pick up more of her books, but I would be afraid to find more of the same.

HOWEVER-if you are rolling your eyes at me and thinking that you like stuff like this, then please pick it up! This author is talented… just not a good match for me.

This is me, reaching for some nice, safe, well-developed, not-foul-mouthed YA for my next few reads.

Sorry. I feel bad on this one. [Big sad face]

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