What is going on out there? A Review of THE LYING PLANET by Carol Riggs

The Lying Planet by Carol Riggs (Ebook) This is going to sound like a bad review, but stick with me… it’s not. The Lying Planet is Science Fiction/dystopian story. It takes place on a world that has been colonized, but years ago the colonies started fighting and destroying each other, leaving a poisonous dust in the air so everyone needs to take pills so they don’t die. There is more to the story, but I can’t go into much more detail without a huge spoiler.

Now, I am kind of a weird reader. When I go to the movies, I LOVE a good hard-sci-fi story. I eat it up. But when I read sci-fi, I like it a little tamer. There is one particular sci-fi troupe that always makes me roll my eyes. Unfortunately, that Trope is in this book, and it is an essential element of the Lie in the Lying Planet. I had a little trouble getting past that, which made some of the other elements, that I might have been willing to suspend my disbelief about, even harder to swallow. But I trudged on anyway, because the author has a nice, smooth writing style that is easy to read. I was genuinely interested in how the main character was going to get out of his predicament.

This is an easy read, with no intense feels that will leave you haunted at night. Even though the characters are older, this might be a decent read for a middle grader who is a little more mature and doesn’t want to read about little kids anymore. (I think I might give it to my 13 year old and see what he thinks)

Anyway, despite having that trope that I don’t care for, I did end up enjoying this book. And also – a big plus in this world of series – this reads like a standalone. That is really a nice change. If you are open to all types of sci-fi and not looking for deep emotional impact, this story is a great match for you. This is a nice, light read about saving a world that only a week ago, you didn’t know needed saving.

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