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Jon Gibbs’s Ten things I wish I knew before I was published #9: Savor the Moment

Be excited when your work gets accepted.

Allow yourself to be excited when someone says they like your novel.  Let that feeling of pride cover you for a while.  You deserve it.

Enjoy “nice” rejection letters.  Some will say they liked it but it was not a good fit for them.  Take that as a vote of confidence.  Hand written or personalized rejections mean you are doing well… they took the time to respond rather than sending out a form letter.  If they do this, they saw something of value in your work.

Rejection is inevitable.  It can make you sad.  When you get a little victory, remember to celebrate.  I recommend chocolate.  It always works for me!

Note:  The above are Jon Gibb’s main speaking points, with my rambling opinions attached.

Jon Gibbs is the author of one of my son’s favorite books:  FUR-FACE, which was nominated for a Crystal Kite Award.

Jon is an Englishman transplanted to New Jersey, USA, where he is an ‘author in residence’ at Lakehurst Elementary School.  Jon is the founding member of The New Jersey Author’s Network and FindAWritingGroup.com.

Jon blogs at jongibbs.livejournal.com

Website: www.acatofninetales.com