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Flash Fiction Tuesday – The little Pink Monkey comes to life

Setting the timer for five minutes.  This is what I came up with.

The computers shut down, and the lights in the building go off for the night.  The little pink monkey smiles.  He unhooks his Velcro hand from the cubicle wall, and jumps to the desk.  He scuttles around the keyboard, and swings over to the chair, using the legs to slide to the floor.  A mouse runs across the carpet, and the little pink monkey hides behind a chair leg.  He’d find a way to catch that varmint for Eric’s Mom.  He knew it was driving her nuts.  First, though, he needed to figure out how to get back on the desk, because the lights were coming back on.  Did it really take that long just to get this far?

Omigosh… Did I just unintentionally start a middle-grade-like novel?

I’m not really liking this one, but it’s what I came up with when I set the timer.  I guess I can expect some good and some so-so five-minute shorts.