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Why in goodness name would you dump the rich guy that loves you to pieces? Exes – A review

Exes by (Ebook) I enjoyed reading the first half of this book. It was light and fun. Two people start a relationship anonymously over texting. What they don’t know is that the woman’s sister set her up, and the guy is actually the heroine’s ex-husband who everyone loves but her. Neither the guy or the girl involved in the texting relationship knows that they are “exes”.


Where the book started to lose me was when they met. The guy sees her and realizes who she is. He is still madly in love with her, so he blindfolds her before they ummm… re-consummate their marriage, and he disappears by morning. My problem is this… We are probably at the half way mark in this book. She doesn’t recognize his voice? His kiss? The feel of his body? I was able to suspend disbelief with the texting, but not once they spoke on the phone, and definitely not when they met up in person—blindfold or not. It got better for a bit when she found out who he was, but then the ending started to drag for me. I think the problem is that in “real life” the two of them end up business partners at the beginning of the book, and they are looking for this lost, million dollar stained glass window. I really have no interest in stained glass windows, and since I never really connected with the female lead, I really didn’t care if she found the darn thing (which is a large porting of the last section of this book). Overall, the writing is good. I DID love the ex-husband, but I think he could do seriously better than his idiot ex-wife. So, yeah, you need to suspend your disbelief a little too much for a contemporary novel with this one. If you are interested in stained glass and antiques, the secondary plot line may hold your interest more than it did for me. Writing is good, though. I just couldn’t get into it.


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