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I have a confession to make, and I’m sorry

Sorry, I have a confession to make. I told you guys I had lofty release goals this year. And I did. I still do. But I’ve hit a snag.

I can’t publish books that fast. Well, that’s not true. I COULD. But I choose not to.

If I rush these books to press, they will not be the quality that you guys expect from me, and I’d much rather remain an author whose books you love, than someone who can spit out 12 books in a year.


I have a few giveaways below to say “Thanks” for being patient. I hope you are on board with waiting a few more months so I can make sure you are happy with the books I send out into the world.


So, here is an update:

Young Adult (YA)

Epic Fantasy Series


Book 1 April/May release

Book 2 June

Book 3 July

WHISPERS OF SORCERY book 1 and 2 are done. Book one is in editing. My goal is still to get all three books done for rapid release later in the year (Rather than in the first few months as planned)


Dragon Shifter Romance

Goal: Oct/Nov Release

Dragon Heights – One chapter left to write.  Whispers is my priority, but there is a good chance you will see this in 2019
Upper YA Retelling

Goal: May Release

First draft is done! I am super excited for this one. I am still shooting for a May release date.

YA Urban Fantasy

(One book for now)

Goal: August/Sept release


DEATH WITCH – I think I can get this one out this year. I need to get it through editing.



YA Indiana Jones

Meets Time Travel

(Three Book Series)


Time Pirates – Book one is plotted. This one is super tricky because of the time travel element. I NEED to have all three books clearly plotted before I begin writing. There is a CHANCE book 1 will release this year, but again… only if I think it is ready.


So, there you have it. This is still ambitious, and it may change. I just hope I can keep you excited for what’s to come.


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