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An Adult Science Fiction Review: “Caretaker” by Jose Russell

In this book, a ship with 4000 people in stasis heading to a new colony on another planet is threatened by aliens. The Caretaker and one other passenger, the only two people awake on the ship, fight desperately to protect their cargo.

I have been reading mostly YA, and since this book was “adult” I tried to give the slow pacing some slack. The first ½ of the book is all “day to day” activity, with a tiny hint interjected here and then that something isn’t quite right. But I knew the aliens were coming, so I waiting through those 175-ish pages.

When the aliens showed up, my hopes were slightly dashed. I think I was supposed to be scared of these creatures, but with their bumbling antics and child-like dialog, this adult novel quickly dipped into middle-grade land. I scratched my head, but kept reading, because I genuinely DID want to know what happened.

sadThen, when it was all over, we coasted to a long, slow paddle-boat ride to the finish line. [sigh]

The writing was really good. I liked the author’s easy to read writing style. But I think that this was a poor match up to me as a reader. If you like great, detailed world-building, and don’t mind comical villains, this might be the book for you. It has TONS of great reviews – and everything those reviews say is pretty much spot on. But the pacing and the lackluster villains just didn’t “do it” for me.

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