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The Road to Publication #4: Meeting Other Authors

When the gads of information started coming in from my publisher, one of the “neat little perks” was the key to the background of J. Taylor Publishing’s Website.

No… not the part where I can re-program it, silly… the password protected part.  Grooving around there, I found a forum… and low and behold I saw “Welcome new Author Jennifer M. Eaton”


Of course I opened it up, and there was an email string of all the other JTP authors congratulating me and welcoming me on-board.  [[Grins]]

It’s pretty neat, having informal conversations with authors whose novels I have read.  I’m also getting to know the other authors in the anthology pretty well:  (Lynda R. Young, Kelly Said, Terri Rochenski, and Jenny Keller Ford (Who I already knew) not to mention Headline Author J.A. Belfield.

Getting to know them is nice, since we are all “in the same boat” at the same time, struggling against exactly the same deadlines to get our anthology out on time.

Right now, most of us have done the required final author edit on our manuscripts and handed them in for review by the J. Taylor editors.  I can’t wait for the flurry of chatter when the editors’ comments come back.