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The kid’s like a scary word genius or something, I swear. Oh, and a Review of the Hunger Games

Wow.  Today the reports came back on reading levels, and the Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer came in the highest in the school, reading at “above high school level”.  The kid’s ELEVEN!

Wasn’t a big surprise though.  He put The Hunger Games away in just a few days.  I downloaded the second book in the series for him, and two days later he was asking for the next one.  Huh?  Yeah, he finished it that fast, and I was still lurking in the first 100 pages of the first book.

Congrats, Dude!

Okay, on with his review of “The Hunger Games”

I cut out the end, but he gave it thirty stars out of a possible 5.

Hmmm.  Never said he was a math wiz, but he certainly liked this book. Here is the review with all his usual jovial flair.