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The allure of the blank page

When my writing partner contacted me about the publisher anthology that lead to my “Writing to a Deadline” piece, all she knew was that it had to be a happy ending, and it could be no more than 10,000 words.

I stewed on this idea over a weekend, and came up with something that I believed would both cover the publisher’s tendency to reach for manuscripts with a romantic element, but also cradled my fascination with blowing things to bits.  I started mapping out that scenario in my head, and actually liked it.

Then the details came in for the anthology, and I realized I needed to totally scrap my idea. No explosions for me.  😦

I’m actually glad this happened though, because this story idea that I came up with has been calling me since the final edits of LAST WINTER RED.  (Which will be published in the Make Believe Anthology later this year)

I started writing out a summary-outline, and as I brought depth to the characters and the plot, I realized that 10,000 words never would have done this new idea justice.

I think the explosions alone might encompass 5,000 words

Don’t worry, I’ll try to control myself—there’s just a lot of pent-up artillery in my mind screaming to jump out and detonate!

So, I am half-way through the outline/summary of my next novel, and I am dreaming of that blank page.

After the pressure of Writing to a Deadline, I am looking forward to a slow, steady, enjoyable writing experience… and all the explosions I want.

I am moving through the outlining process with a smile on my face, developing the story as a summary, and dreaming up the scenarios that will lead up to that massive exploding climax.

Now that I know outlining works for me, I am not looking at it as a chore.  It is part of my creative process.

Ah…. The allure of the blank page.  It’s been a long time since I’ve looked so forward to starting something new.

Has anyone else exploded something started something new lately?