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Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – The Presence Behind

Having no muse, I decided to build on the character and world of Marci from last week.  Five minutes on the clock…

Marci’s feet dragged through the cool water in the bay.  The boards of the dock beneath her bruised her bottom.  She didn’t care.  The water reminded her of Damien.

Her gaze rose to the opening of Tirusian sound, the exit the Queen Majesty had used in its final voyage away from the city.  Oh, how the people had rejoiced.  All but Marci.

She shifted her weight and smiled.  Just a day ago, it would have been illegal for her to sit on the dock.  The Queen’s occupation had smothered the people’s rights.  Today, celebrations abounded, but happiness escaped Marci… a feeling harder to grasp than the cooling water that ran between her fingers.

Footsteps on the boards caused a shiver to tingle through her spine.  She breathed deeply, cool calming breaths to remind her that she no longer faced the terror of the Queen’s guards. 

The steps stopped, but she forced her eyes forward, to the sea despite the threatening presence of the person behind her.


Okay, seven minutes.  I cheated.

Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday – Sails of Freedom

Interesting… I just started with “Marci leaned out a window”, and this is what I came up with in five minutes.  Isn’t it strange where your mind brings you?

Marci leaned out the window, scanning the ships as they pulled into their dock stations.  The Queen Majesty, double masts stretching into the clouds, swept past the docking vessels and moved out into the bay.  Along the shoreline children ran, gold and red scarves flying over their heads.  Laughter drifted up from the docks as people celebrated the huge vessel’s departure.  The city’s long occupation had ended.

She wiped a tear from her cheek and closed her eyes.  Freedom was too high a price to pay, when the man you loved sailed for the Queen.