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Shameless Promotion! Pet Photo Contest! You Gotta Vote

My Little Girl is a finalist in the Still Moments Magazine’s Pet Photo Contest.

Hop on over and vote for your favorite of five.

I’m not gonna tell you which is mine, because that would be cheating.  Vote for who you think is the cutest!



Flash Fiction Tuesday – A picture under a door

Rich sat sobbing, leaning over a box, stroking the hair of a little brown ferret.  His friend.  His accomplice.  Ferris had been his best friend since his dog died eight years ago.  They played hide and seek.  They cuddled on the couch.  She always made him smile when he had a bad day at work.

Today was not a day for smiling, as he stroked her side, waiting for her to breathe her last breath.

A piece of paper slid under the door.  He ignored it.  His son was on the other side, peeking through the glass panes.

“Not now, Jason.”

Jason’s lip shot out in a five-year old pout.  He didn’t move.

Rich turned back to the box, grieving over his loss.  He ignored the child staring at him through the glass.  Jason was the problem kid.  He never knew when to leave his Dad alone.  This time was no different.

Jason pounded on the door.

“I said not now!”

Jason stood his ground, and Rich picked up the paper his son had slid under the door….  A simple drawing.  A stick-figure person, and a little brown animal…  A boy and his ferret.

Rich opened the door, and scooped his son up into his arms.  They sat on the couch, and cried… together.