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So, What goes through the mind of a headline author?

Yep, I am still hopping through the Bioshere. Whew!  What a crazy ride!

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In the meantime …  Welcome J.A.Belfield, author of Escort to Insanity from the Make Believe Anthology.

So, JA.  We all had to come up with a story about the picture of the Lady In Red.  I came up with Last Winter Red … and you came up with Escort to Insanity.  What the heck is up with that? 

I guess I’m a little backward to everyone else in the anthology because I was asked to write a short for a winter anthology before the picture prompt had even been chosen. Which meant my story was almost fully formulated before the image even went live. Fortunately, with a little playing about and tweaking, I was able to adapt the tale to reflect the beautiful imagery of the picture, the chill winteriness, the redness from the cloak.

Ohhhhh… well that makes a little more sence.  So how did this madness come about then?

Well, I think I read a story somewhere about a dating agency where the couple who went out turned out to be destined soul mates, yada, yada, yada, and I thought, but what if a couple went on a pre-arranged date and everything went wrong instead? What would happen then? And so the opening scene with Cole’s best friend popped into my head. I jotted it down as fast as possible, and everything spun out of control from there. Though, I will admit, I did reach about halfway through and decide to alter the path of the story slightly. After deleting a couple K words, Escort to Insanity is what I ended up with.

Deleting? [shiver] I Hate that word. Thanks so much for stopping by today, J.A.!

Everyone make sure to check out Escort to Insanity, snuggled up right behind Last Winter Red in the Make Believe ANthology (but you don’t have to read them in that order.  I won’t mind) 🙂


Oh!  And don’t forget the review!  Hop on over to Machenwood Chronicals and let me know what they said!

Thanks so much, J.A. Belfield!


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