Calling All Fantasy Writers! – Awesome Contest!

This is a contest you HAVE to check out.  If you don’t write Fantasy, check it out anyway, new Genres will be coming up according to Lisa L. Regan

You need to have a completed novel to join, and all you need to enter is your 50 Word Pitch.

This is not a cheezy prize…  The three finalists will be picked by an agent.  The finalists will need to send in a synopsis and the Full Manuscript.  She will choose one for a FULL READ and a possible contract with Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency.

Spruce up those pitches!  You have until October 17th!


8 responses to “Calling All Fantasy Writers! – Awesome Contest!

  1. Sounds like a lovely opportunity!

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  3. I have a fantasy summary but not much of a novel yet. 😦

  4. If only I was finished with my current WIP or the one I did for NaNo last year wasn’t an editor’s nightmare. I can’t rush to finish this one either. Even if I do, I need so many edits.

  5. I agree you should do it if you have the synopsis ready. I will probably wait for the February one. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. fooey! there’s no way I’ll have my MS re-written by the 17th! Aww, Jen, you should go for this. Do you have your synopsis and query ready????