Kreativ Blogger Award – TWICE in one Night!

Wow, did I get a nice surprise when I got home from wrestling practice tonight.

(No, I am not wrestling… two of my sons are)

My normal Thursday night post is going to have to wait because both the Lovely and Talented Jenny Keller Ford and the Smart and Savvy Sandra Madeira both graced me with the Kreativ Blogger award today.

They both totally rock.  Please go take a look at their blogs and give them a follow.

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Sandra and Jenny!

The Kreativ blogger award rules are:

1. Share 10 things about yourself that readers might find interesting.

2. Pass the award onto 6 other bloggers (be sure to leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know).

Hmmm… I just did a “ten thing a little over a month ago, so I guess I need ten more tidbits of useless info.

1.  Okay, we can get personal.  I have three kids.  All Boys ages 5-11.  Two in wrestling.  One in Dog Training.  (No, he’s not a dog he’s quite handsome, thank you very much!)

2.  My princess poodle is in training for her Canine Good Citizen exam which takes place in about six weeks.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION

3.  I have a wonderful husband who cooks for me.  Thank goodness.  I don’t like burned food.

4.  Yes, I work full-time, and raise a family, and write novels, and teach others everything I know, from computer programming to grammar.  Sleep is optional.

5.  I collect fish.  Yeah, it’s a little hard space wise.  I have two ponds full in the backyard with heaters so they don’t freeze their little tails off.

6.  My roof is leaking.  Don’t know why I told you that.

7.  I can’t spell for the life of me.  Spell check is my best friend.  Now, if it could just teach me the difference between bought and brought.  🙂

8.  I love fonts.  Can’t get enough of them.  (You know this is your read my blog regularly)

9.  Dark chocolate covered raisins and bananas are gifts from God, as are Japanese Peanuts

10.  I gush when I get awards!  Big smiles!  Waves!

Ten Blogs to re-gift this award to.  This is always a tough one.  I over thing things… I’m anal like that.  So this is going to have to wait for another night, because my husband is calling me, and I don’t want him to be mad at me… he might stop cooking, and no one wants me to burn the house down.

Thanks!  Gush Gush 🙂


22 responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award – TWICE in one Night!

  1. Congrats, Jennifer. I’ve been following you for awhile, now and just learned 10 new things about you! Awards are a lot of fun to do, aren’t they? Sorry about your roof. It sucks when the house needs repairs, especially when you don’t know where the money will come from to fix things. Take care and stay dry! 🙂

  2. Congradulations. well deserved.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Congrats and double congrats, Jennifer! 🙂

  4. Marie Gilbert

    I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I just received one as well 🙂 Perhaps we can follow one another’s blogs as well.

  6. Woot woot – congrats! That’s wonderful and you are so deserving!! By the way, I share your adoration of FONTS!! LOL!! Happy weekend….

  7. ACK! I mean EEE! congratulations,Jennifer! LOVED your ten things. You were assuredly wearing your “snark” hat when you wrote these. A not-so-subtle segue into the next paragraph is that OFTEN, when asked to list “things you didn’t know about me,” the wonkiest and funniest tidbits come out when you have to dig deep into your I AM SPECIAL repertoire.

    Which leads to the ACK! I’ve been tagged on another blog award. You are on my list. Would you want to (a) dance, (b) Google where I live and send Elves with Attitude to TP my trees, or (c) smile,but quietly plot your revenge and strike when I am least prepared.

    Answer soon! The blog contest rolls out on my site when I finalize my selections.

    • Hmmmm. Choices, choices.

      Well, I always like to dance, but the Elves with toilet paper just sounds like too much fun.

      How about I dance over to Google, get your address, and I go with the elves to T.P. your house, because, hey, why should the elves have all the fun?

      There we go! Sounds like a plan!

      Don’t you just love winning awards? So much fun!

  8. snagglewordz

    Congratulations! Love the ten interesting things, especially as they were actually interesting!

  9. I love all the pretty swirls and fonts on your blog. You’ll have to let me know where you get them.

    I think you’re amazing! Keep up the good work, kiddo.

  10. Thanks! and Welcome aboard!
    Everyone should check out mLr’s Midlife Ranting… also a recent winner!

  11. Congrats Jennifer!!! I might sign up for lessons now!! lol