Sunday Speed Snippet – Connect the Dots – And where’s yours?

Well, I’m half way through this blog tour.  Whew!  This is exhausting!

In honor of the Release of “For the Lost of Christmas” today I’m serving up a snippet from “Connect the Dots.”  Enjoy! (This is from Random page # 27)

“Why the frig do you put up with me? I can be such an ass.”

I bit back a smile, letting the silence linger.

He laughed and turned around. “That was your cue to say ‘no Jack, you’re not an ass at all’.”

“Well, since we’re all being honest…”

Jack sucked in his cheek. “Okay, I deserved that. I was a total idiot. I admit it.” He glided his arms around my shoulders, and pulled me toward his chest. “Thanks for trying to stop me, even though I was too dumb to listen.” He shook his head. “I’m so glad I didn’t go through with it.”

Okay, your turn!

1. Check the number of pages in your current WIP.

2. Go to (or any random number generator)

3. Get a random page

5. Post a hundred or so words starting at the first full sentence on the page either below in the comments, or on your blog and link it below.

Let’s have some fun!

I can’t wait it see what you’re working on!


3 responses to “Sunday Speed Snippet – Connect the Dots – And where’s yours?

  1. Why am I not seeing more snippets from fellow writers here? This is fun!

    From my WIP, Summer at the Crossroads:

    At two o’clock, Mikhail arrived at the State Department. Two security guards escorted him to Kathryn’s office, where she was pacing the floor.
    Mikhail took a few moments to study her office. This was his first visit in their ten years together. He noted the lack of windows and the drably painted walls typical of so many American federal office buildings. Her gunpowder gray metal desk, file cabinets, and bookshelves all looked to be at least thirty years old.

    And Americans think Soviet architecture and décor were institutional and impersonal? he thought sarcastically.

    But Kathryn had made the room feel bright and cheery by covering the dull beige walls with colorful artwork of natural landscapes and photographs of the two of them and their families.

    He turned to her and smiled. “Shall we sit down?”

    “How did the meeting go?” Kathryn asked, squeezing a pen so tightly Mikhail was sure it would snap.

  2. Oh, now I want to read the rest. Very sneaky move.