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Sunday Snippet from my Paranormal Romance Une Variante


Happy Sunday Snippets!

Today I decided to give you a snippet from a completed novella that I will be sending out to query sometime mid-January.

Une Variante is a Paranormal Romance, and I am really tickled with it.

Now, I am going to admit that I did the random-number thing here, but when I saw where it landed, I had to giggle, and I stepped up two lines just to get the whole scene in.

Yes, leave it to me to include going to the bathroom in a story.  I had a good reason though.  I needed her out of the room, and hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Here’s 112 words from Une Variente. Amanda is getting water for another character who has an upset stomach.

swish swivel squiggle

She walked to the powder room and turned on the faucet. As the cup filled, her own stomach gurgled. Maybe the pizza got her, too. She set the cup down and closed the door, readying to do her business.

Amanda’s reflection stared back at her in the mirror, tracing every imperfection in her aging face. Jason was worried about his body, and he was absolutely beautiful…and look at her. So many little lines and a few silver highlights adding to her dark hair’s glow. My God, what does he even see in me? She hit the bathroom fan and flushed the toilet, scrunching her hair with damp fingers after washing her hands.

swish swivel squiggle

So what do you think?  Ever had a character stuck in the can? Do tell. 🙂

Join me with your own Sunday Snippet.  Sign up here and we can bop around and giggle or be wowed by randomly selected snippets of whatever you want to post.  It’ll be fun!

Or post your snippet below.  Hey, I’m easy going.  Whatever makes you happy!



What are you working on today? Sunday Speed Snippet – Last Winter Red – What’s Your Speed Snippet for today?

Wow.  Tomorrow is Release Day for the Make Believe Anthology.   When I signed that contract, it seemed like the date would never get here, but here we are. **she bites her nails**

I figured, in honor of the release, I’d give you a Sunday Snippet from “Last Winter Red.” In this passage, our main character Emily is crying in the next room after finding out the man she was interested in is married.  To rub salt in the wounds, she listens to this conversation through a closed door.

“George,” Lori’s voice stopped his steps. “She’s been here three times since the wedding, and you never mentioned we were married?”

“I guess it never came up.”

“Never came up?” A pause hung in the air. “It didn’t occur to you that she might have an ulterior motive to her visits? You’re the one who told me Reds are brainwashed into having unhealthy numbers of children. You should have known she was looking for a husband.”

George’s sigh permeated the wooded slats of the door. “I needed that medicine, Lori. She was the only one willing to bring it out here.”

“You used her?”

“Does it matter? She’s not bringing any more.”

Oh!  Don’t you just want to smack him upside the head!!!!

Okay, your turn!

1. Check the number of pages in your current WIP.

2. Go to (or any random number generator)

3. Get a random page

5. Post a hundred or so words starting at the first full sentence on the page either below in the comments, or on your blog and link it below.

Let’s have some fun!

I can’t wait it see what you’re working on!

What are you working on? And … Super Short Sunday Excerpt from my upcoming release: A Test of Faith

In the tradition of Six Sentence Sunday (Which I haven’t officially signed up for in months) I’m posting six-ish random sentences from “A Test of Faith” which is tentatively scheduled for release in early January (Yay!)

I typed in the number of pages into a randomizer, and then typed in the number of lines into the randomizer and here is what it chose.


“A twelve-year old is pouring champagne,” Jack said. “What’s wrong with this picture?”

I smiled. “Taste it.”

He took a sip and laughed. “Sparkling cider, I should have guessed.”


So now I’m slapping this back at you.  Here’s your challenge:

1. Check the number of pages in your current WIP.

2. Go to (or any random number generator)

3. Get a random page

4. There should be about 30 lines in a page.  Get a random starting point.

5. Post the six sentences starting at that point either below in the comments, or on your blog and link it below.

Let’s have some fun!

I can’t wait it see what you’re working on!

Six Sentence Exerpt from “The Glass Man”

This is a six sentence excerpt from the Glass Man by Jocelyn Adams.

I’m going to review this sucker when I get a chance, but let’s take a minute to describe the Glass Man.

Yeah, there’s nothing like an ultra-sexy-and-he-knows-it bad guy.  It’s the kind of villain that you can’t stand, but you just CAN’T WAIT for him to sashay back into the next scene.

Here’s the six:

“You are a hearty thing,” the Glass Man said in that amused tone he always used.  He sauntered out from behind a tree, wearing a dark gray suit.  A gray silk tie painted a shining line down a matching shirt.  His wavy hair had been pulled back and secured with a black ribbon.  I’d never seen him dressed up.  In another life—one where he wasn’t a murderous sociopath—I might have thought him beautiful, but at that moment he looked like cancer wearing an Armani.

Ha!  Don’t you just love/hate him already?

What book have you read lately with an awesome villain.  Did you find yourself rooting for him or her?

Exerpt from my work in progress “Une Variante”

Along with editing Fire in the Woods, I’ve also stepped into a new genre for me. Une Variante is a paranormal set in the present day. Yeah, kind of an odd choice for me, but the idea hit me while driving a few months ago, and it’s been “calling me”. You know what I mean?

So here’s a random six-ish sentences. I scrolled to a random page, counted down five lives, and here you have it. In this scene, Jason and Amanda are returning home after their wedding. Enjoy!

(By the way… don’t look for paranormal here. There’s nothing paranormal in this scene.) 🙂

“Don’t drop me!” Amanda said, clinging to her husband’s shoulders as he carried her up the walkway to their new home.

He propped her on one knee. “I’m trying not to.”

“I can walk you know.”

“Nope,” he said, fumbling with the keys. “I’m gonna carry you over the threshold if it kills me.”

“I’m more worried about it killing me.”

So, how do you like my quirky newlyweds?

Their honeymoon is about to take an unexpected twist

Six Sentence Sunday – A fun Six from “Crux”

Here is a fun Six Sentences from “Crux” by Julie Reece.  This is a fun YA Novel with a paranormal twist and a really hot guy (The girl’s cute to for anyone who feels left out)

This scene happens during a high-speed car chase where our hero and heroine are running for their lives from the bad guys.  Told in first person present, the main character is in the passenger seat.

When he tugs the wheel to the right, I lose my balance.

My hand juts out, and I brace myself against his upper thigh; his muscles flex beneath his dark jeans, and with blood rising up my neck to sear my cheeks, I pull my hand back as fast as gravity allows.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize.” He cuts in front of a Dodge minivan. “That’s the most fun I’ve had all day.”

Tee Hee.  This is a great couple written with a lost of chemistry.

Six Sentence Sunday – Playing up the Romance card

Here is another Six from my Short “A Test of Faith”. No laughing. I know I’m not the Romance type.

Hmmm… but I can write in a rocket, and have it crash and explode into the office building….

No! No! No! This is the quiet-time… The gentle loving side of me… sit back and relax… *COUGH COUGH*

I ran my fingers down his cheek, my nails scratching against a day’s worth of stubble. “I don’t think you officially asked me out yet, mister.”

The left side of his mouth smiled before the right side. Gosh I loved that little quirk about him.

“Ya gonna get all technical on me now?”

“Sorry, a girl likes to be romanced.”

Yeah, what can I say… It’s romance… It’s just a little something fluffy I do to gear myself up to EXPLODE SOMETHING! Buts it’s nice to write a sequence once in a while that doesn’t make you tense. You know what I mean?

Six Sentence Sunday – From my Work in Progress

Yep… Gonna give ya a sneak peek at my latest little swarray (is that how you spell that?) into the world of Romance.  I’m still writing the Explosion novel Fire In the Woods, but so I don’t get stagnant, I’m mixing things up with some shorts for those days when I just need a break from it.

This is from my current WIP “A Test of Faith”.  It starts out with a line stated by our hero, Jack. He is driving, and Jill is in the passenger seat with her daughter Nicole in the rear.

“If I didn’t get drunk last night, I wouldn’t have woken up under your Christmas tree … I wouldn’t have had the guts to finally tell you how I feel.”

Nicole leaned up between our seats. “You woke up under our tree because God put you there, Uncle Jack. You were Mom’s Christmas present.”

His hand slipped back to my knee. “I’m not sure that I was her present. I think she was mine.”

Hmmm.  Okay so that was more than six sentences.  Sorry Counting Gods!  I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

So, Whattya think?

Six Sentence Sunday – Something by me! – Six from Fire in the Woods

For the while now I’ve been too lazy to put out my own stuff featuring other authors for Six Sentence Sunday.

Today, I thought I’d take a random Six from my current baby, “Fire in the Woods”.

I basically opened up the file, dragged the little doo-hicky down about a quarter into the document, and counted down ten lines. So, Bam, this is the six you get.

In this six, my main character, Jess, is describing her father. (Fire in the Woods is told in first person “I” from Jess’s perspective.)

“Well, he doesn’t really laugh much anymore. We used to play a lot together, and now he’s like, all business.” I closed my eyes, taking in the clear forest air. My mind wandered back to my mother’s funeral—Dad sitting on the bench, staring at Mom’s open coffin. “He never cried. He just sat there.”

Six Sentence Sunday – “Surrender” by Aimee Laine

Here are Six Sentences from the nice lady who took over my blog for a day so I could eat all the chocolate I wanted.

Chocolate is YUMMY!

Here are six sentences from “Surrender” by Aimee Laine

Lily drifted to the window seat, tucked one leg up under herself and stared out at the ocean.

“I’m sixty years old, and I still want a mom like you are Angela. Willing to go to the ends of the earth for your daughter. To not stop or give up. To wipe away the tears, put lotion on the burns, ice on the bruises and tell people to go to hell when they break your leg in the name of science.”

As a tear slipped down Lily’s cheek, she leaned her head against the glass, wishing the ocean would jump up and swallow her whole or at least steal her memories back.

Thanks again for the break, Aimee!