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Six Sentence Sunday – A fun Six from “Crux”

Here is a fun Six Sentences from “Crux” by Julie Reece.  This is a fun YA Novel with a paranormal twist and a really hot guy (The girl’s cute to for anyone who feels left out)

This scene happens during a high-speed car chase where our hero and heroine are running for their lives from the bad guys.  Told in first person present, the main character is in the passenger seat.

When he tugs the wheel to the right, I lose my balance.

My hand juts out, and I brace myself against his upper thigh; his muscles flex beneath his dark jeans, and with blood rising up my neck to sear my cheeks, I pull my hand back as fast as gravity allows.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize.” He cuts in front of a Dodge minivan. “That’s the most fun I’ve had all day.”

Tee Hee.  This is a great couple written with a lost of chemistry.


Six Sentence Sunday — Trail’s End By Denise Moncrief

Here’s Six Sentences from Trail’s End By Denise Moncrief

In this scene, Scarlette if nervous because her horse is missing. Libby has just motioned to her to sit on the couch.

I sat on one end, and she sat on the matching chair across from me.

“I’ve had the feeling someone has been watching me lately. And…I got that weird phone call.” I looked her in the eye. “Cade said the fence line had been cut on purpose. I’m afraid someone’s followed me here.”

Duh Duh Duh!  Sounds like it’s time to run!

Sentence Sunday – Oracle by J.C. Martin

Here are Six Sentences from the novel I am currently reading.

This is from the first chapter.

Vincent is a Magician.  He’s just met up with a serial killer.  Oh oh!

Blubbering pitifully, Vincent climbed the wooden steps on shaky legs.

He hesitated at the top, staring down over the threshold of the acrylic tank into the clear, rippling water below.

A mere few hours before, he’d stood at that very spot, feeling nothing more than supreme confidence and a mundane sence of boredom.

Olga’s warm body pressed into his as the intruder piloted her up the steps at gunpoint, her fleshy bosom heaving at Vincent’s back.

“Get in,” the gunman instructed.

“C’mon, mate,” Vincent pleaded, “whatever it is, we can talk–”