Sentence Sunday – Oracle by J.C. Martin

Here are Six Sentences from the novel I am currently reading.

This is from the first chapter.

Vincent is a Magician.  He’s just met up with a serial killer.  Oh oh!

Blubbering pitifully, Vincent climbed the wooden steps on shaky legs.

He hesitated at the top, staring down over the threshold of the acrylic tank into the clear, rippling water below.

A mere few hours before, he’d stood at that very spot, feeling nothing more than supreme confidence and a mundane sence of boredom.

Olga’s warm body pressed into his as the intruder piloted her up the steps at gunpoint, her fleshy bosom heaving at Vincent’s back.

“Get in,” the gunman instructed.

“C’mon, mate,” Vincent pleaded, “whatever it is, we can talk–”


7 responses to “Sentence Sunday – Oracle by J.C. Martin

  1. My copy’s in the mail. I can’t wait! That’s so sweet of you to do this

  2. That’s a heart stopper. 🙂

  3. Wow, thanks for featuring my book in SSS! I’m flattered! 😀

  4. I like them. I like them!!