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Six Sentence Sunday – Sail Away by Janelle Lee

Let’s take a little stroll into the world of Romance today.

Here are six sentences from Sail Away by Janelle Lee:  Part of the Heat Wave, August 2012 Anthology.

Take it away, Janelle…

He grinned and pulled her close where his enticing aftershave silenced any
protest from her. The music and the closeness of their bodies had her closing
her eyes to enjoy the moment. Kara’s entire body relaxed as his breath caressed her cheek. She moved closer and felt his cheek against hers. She turned slightly to meet his lips. And as quickly as the thought of a kiss crossed her mind it disappeared as he released her from his embrace.

I’m very interested to hear everyone’s thought on this one.


Six Sentence Sunday — Trail’s End By Denise Moncrief

Here’s Six Sentences from Trail’s End By Denise Moncrief

In this scene, Scarlette if nervous because her horse is missing. Libby has just motioned to her to sit on the couch.

I sat on one end, and she sat on the matching chair across from me.

“I’ve had the feeling someone has been watching me lately. And…I got that weird phone call.” I looked her in the eye. “Cade said the fence line had been cut on purpose. I’m afraid someone’s followed me here.”

Duh Duh Duh!  Sounds like it’s time to run!

Six Sentence Sunday – “And the Nightinglae Sang” by Kip Wilson

I recently purchased the anthology “Timeless, An Anthology of Young Adult Romance.”  Here are six sentences from one of those stories: “And the Nightingale Sang” by Kip Wilson

In this passage, our heroine is meeting the boy she loves for the first time in months.  He is a traveling minstrel, and a poet, and she is as in love with his music as she is in love with him.  Take it away, Kip!

Photo from my Goodreads list

“I would as gladly be a rose as a lily, if it gave me the chance to live in your poetry,” I said, waiting for him to offer me more.  Had he figured out my wish?

“You will most certainly find a home in my poems one day,” he murmured into my ear, “but for now I want you in my arms–as a real girl. How I have missed you, my love.”

Our time apart vanished in an instant, and I became his.

Awe!  Are you feeling the love?

For more sets os six from published works  as well as works in progress, check out the Six Sentence Sunday Site.

Six Sentence Sunday – A blast from the past. This is funny.

It’s Six Sentence Sunday again.  Today’s is gonna give you a giggle. I’m going to allow you to wallow in my ineptness.

If you haven’t heard, Six Sentence Sunday is a group of people who mostly post their own work, but I just shoot out six sentences of whatever takes my fancy.  Sometimes what I’m writing, or sometimes what I’m reading.  If you want to find out more, click here.  Visit Six Sentence Sunday Site.

I’m still reading Oracle by JC Martin.  I didn’t want to post another 6 sentences from the same work, so I was sitting here at my desk, and I saw a printed copy of my early novel HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT hanging out, feeling abandoned.

I thought it would be fun to open it up to a random page, and just pick six sentences.

Now… I wrote this well over a year ago, maybe even two years, as last year at this time I was editing it.  I laughed when I read this passage.  I am going to curtail my inner-editor and post it exactly as it is printed.  Mistakes and all.

Yes, thank goodness, I have come incredibly far in a little over a year.

At his feet, an arbor bug struggled to scale a small mound of dirt.

Harris sighed as he watched it.  Why doesn’t it just walk around it?  After it fell back for the third time, Harris flattened the mound with his foot, and the small creature continued on its way.  He closed his eyes and smiled, actually finding gratification in helping something so small.  Would Daniel Hyelven have done that?

OMIGOSH!  Can you stand how much tell is in those six sentences?

Did I really use the word “it” four times in the same line?

This is really embarrassing.   I just couldn’t believe it, but I thought it would be worth a laugh.

I just love this story, and someday I will go back and fix it.  After looking at this paragraph, I know it will be a huge undertaking. 🙂

Hope you got a good giggle!

Sentence Sunday – Oracle by J.C. Martin

Here are Six Sentences from the novel I am currently reading.

This is from the first chapter.

Vincent is a Magician.  He’s just met up with a serial killer.  Oh oh!

Blubbering pitifully, Vincent climbed the wooden steps on shaky legs.

He hesitated at the top, staring down over the threshold of the acrylic tank into the clear, rippling water below.

A mere few hours before, he’d stood at that very spot, feeling nothing more than supreme confidence and a mundane sence of boredom.

Olga’s warm body pressed into his as the intruder piloted her up the steps at gunpoint, her fleshy bosom heaving at Vincent’s back.

“Get in,” the gunman instructed.

“C’mon, mate,” Vincent pleaded, “whatever it is, we can talk–”

It’s Six Sentence Sunday! 7-29-12 #SixSunday

It’s Six Sentence Sunday!  If you’d like to hop on board this little blog hop, or just look up more great six-sentence excerpts, visit

Today I am featuring six from my own work, tentatively titled “Connect the Dots”.  I am working on revising this for submission to an anthology in the next few weeks.

The main character, Jill (an adult)  is writing a letter to Santa

I picked up the pen, and began tapping it on the paper again.

Another line of scrolling black dots appeared across the sheet.

I eased back down into my chair.

What do I want … really?

The pen began to scribble, streaming across the lines with barely a thought from the woman holding it.

Sixteen little words stared up at me, the blue ink solid and demanding on the white ruled surface… permanent.

Six Sentence Sunday 7-22-12

Today, for Six Sentence Sunday, I am featuring six from a novelette I just finished.  This was a weird one for me, because it was a Western.  I’ll explain why I read it when I review it on Thursday.

These sentences are from “Mended Hearts” by Olivia Devereaux

The main character, Ella, is telling her young son that his father has just been shot.  They live away from the town, and are all alone.  She just finished burying her husband all by herself. 

“Your pa, he…” the words wouldn’t come.

Eli rushed to her, throwing his arms around her waist.

His tears leaked out and splattered her forearm, but he didn’t utter a sound.

The dust in the yard kicked up in a mini wind devil before dissipating.

Ella gazed toward the long hump of dirt in a cordoned off area Owen had set aside for their family plots

She never thought he’d be the first one to go to the ground.

6 Sentence Sunday – “Make it Stop!”

Someone told me once you can never torture your Main Character too much.  Tee Hee.  Here are six torturous sentences from my current work:  Fire in the Woods.

Pain edged into my brain, peeling back my skull and slicing what it found inside, bearing no mercy or reluctance.  I slammed my hands against my ears, but it continued to rasp and carve a hole through my senses.  Head pounding, I cried out in agony but my voice was lost, strangled within the slicing rage of noise exploding through my mind.  I dropped to my knees, tears streaming down my face.

“Please stop!  Make it stop!”

I hope you enjoyed it!

Six Sentence Sunday 4-8-12

Today I am posting six sentences for the novel that I am currently reading.  It is CALL OF THE SEA by Rebecca Hart.  I am 33% through it on my Kindle, and so far it is an enjoyable read.


A wave smashed into her face, forced its way down her throat.

Ellie choked and sputtered.  Her head dipped below the black surface while her throat convulsed, still trying to expel the water she’d inhaled.  She managed to slurp more seawater into her airway.  Chest burning, she clawed for the sky.  Terror seized her.

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Six sentence Sunday!

This is something I stumbled over while trolling through blogs one day.  What a fun idea!  You can post six sentences of whatever you want.  I thought of doing my fifth grade report on butterflies, but I couldn’t get to the box in the attic.  (It’s 101 degrees where I am, and I’m not going NEAR that attic.

So, instead, you are stuck with six sentences from the first page of my new WIP … FIRE IN THE WOODS.  This is the very first sneak peek at my new novel.  Enjoy!

The ground shook, and a soda can shimmied off my dresser.  I tried to cover my ears as an explosion rattled the walls, and my brain. 

Three more jets screamed overhead.  What the…

I ran to the window and gasped, shielding my eyes from the unexpected inferno blazing deep within the woods that encircled the Air Force base.  Flames shot up over the trees, billowing and flaring—lighting up the afternoon sky with an eerie glow.

If you want to find out more, or check out some other great sets of six sentences, check out the site: