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Learning to Draw Manga #4 – Your own Character (Partial Fail)

This week, my son was experimenting with the dreaded 3/4 view, and started making his own characters. He came up with a few really nice ones, so  I decided to give it a try myself.

Partial Fail.  I’ve never been good at forming something in my head.  Dude kept saying “What are you trying to draw?  What do you see in your mind?

I guess that’s my problem.  I can’t get a clear view in my head.  It’s not like this character is moving around in my novel and I know what she’d thinking, you know?  Anyway, this is what I cam up with.


My son is still growling at me, but I tried something a little different, and I’m not thrilled.  I went for a more realistic eye, and I had to play with it a lot.  I think I made the hair too high.  She started with an open mouth, but my son said it was all wrong… so I made her sad instead.

This is “I have to write a query” Manga.  Can’t you tell with the sad face and frazzled hair?



Six Sentence Sunday – Sail Away by Janelle Lee

Let’s take a little stroll into the world of Romance today.

Here are six sentences from Sail Away by Janelle Lee:  Part of the Heat Wave, August 2012 Anthology.

Take it away, Janelle…

He grinned and pulled her close where his enticing aftershave silenced any
protest from her. The music and the closeness of their bodies had her closing
her eyes to enjoy the moment. Kara’s entire body relaxed as his breath caressed her cheek. She moved closer and felt his cheek against hers. She turned slightly to meet his lips. And as quickly as the thought of a kiss crossed her mind it disappeared as he released her from his embrace.

I’m very interested to hear everyone’s thought on this one.

So— what color is your character’s hair?

I recently jumped onto an on-line first page critique blog hop.

(My most recent first page is posted in my header bar if you’d like to slap me around a little)

I glanced over the comments last night, and one jumped out at me.  She said that I spelled Blonde wrong.

According to her, there is a masculine and feminine form of blonde.

Today, I opened up my daily writing tips www.dailywritingtips.com and the  article of the day was “The Story Behind Words for Hair Color”

Funny how that happens, huh?

Apparently, she is correct.  This is a totally new one on me.  How the heck can a hair-color have a gender?

Blonde apparently is a female designation, while Blond is the male color.  Brunette falls under the same silly rule.   Brunet for a boy, Brunette for a girl.

Does anyone else find this stupid?  The reason behind this, according to the article, is that these words are based in French.  I didn’t take French, but from Spanish I understand that there are feminine and masculine forms of words.

We speak English though.  I have enough problems with passive tense, now I need to worry about boy and girl hair color?

blond/blonde and brunet/brunette… 
You say Poh-tay-toe, I say poh-tah-toe