Six Sentence Sunday 4-8-12

Today I am posting six sentences for the novel that I am currently reading.  It is CALL OF THE SEA by Rebecca Hart.  I am 33% through it on my Kindle, and so far it is an enjoyable read.


A wave smashed into her face, forced its way down her throat.

Ellie choked and sputtered.  Her head dipped below the black surface while her throat convulsed, still trying to expel the water she’d inhaled.  She managed to slurp more seawater into her airway.  Chest burning, she clawed for the sky.  Terror seized her.


11 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 4-8-12

  1. This passage is so visual and real. I’m choking as I read. Splendid choice for Six Sentence Sunday.

  2. Thanks for sharing six from call of the Sea, Jennifer. very cool! 🙂

  3. Yikes, that’s definitely a gripping snippet!

  4. Oh goodness — this is horrifying. Well written. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Cool idea. Never thought of highlighting someone else’s novel.

  6. Oh, an interesting twist on Six Sentence Sunday! Never thought to post some from the novel I’m reading. ~cheers

  7. I’ll have to look this up. I think I’ve seen it because I can visualize a cover.