Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Six sentence Sunday!

This is something I stumbled over while trolling through blogs one day.  What a fun idea!  You can post six sentences of whatever you want.  I thought of doing my fifth grade report on butterflies, but I couldn’t get to the box in the attic.  (It’s 101 degrees where I am, and I’m not going NEAR that attic.

So, instead, you are stuck with six sentences from the first page of my new WIP … FIRE IN THE WOODS.  This is the very first sneak peek at my new novel.  Enjoy!

The ground shook, and a soda can shimmied off my dresser.  I tried to cover my ears as an explosion rattled the walls, and my brain. 

Three more jets screamed overhead.  What the…

I ran to the window and gasped, shielding my eyes from the unexpected inferno blazing deep within the woods that encircled the Air Force base.  Flames shot up over the trees, billowing and flaring—lighting up the afternoon sky with an eerie glow.

If you want to find out more, or check out some other great sets of six sentences, check out the site:


23 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Maryellen Brady

    Amazing six! excellent description….
    I’m sure your butterfly report is fascinating, but I’m happy you posted this instead 🙂

  2. Great description of the action and the visuals! I could totally see it! And welcome to SSS 🙂

  3. You are too funny! Loved the danger highlighted with your 6. I tried the 6 sentences for the first time today, too! What fun:)

  4. Well that sounds like an interesting beginning to a book! I’d like to read more. 🙂

  5. Very nice! We are right in the action here. Good luck with your novel.

    I was gonna say over at Scribby that 50k doesn’t have to be the magic number. Places like Musa and Entangled are taking shorter lengths too, I believe.

  6. I could see as clearly as if I was there, and the best part is I could hear it too. Great work. 🙂

  7. I was so ‘right there.’ I’d love to read more…

  8. Really good… bravo 🙂

  9. love your beginning – thanks for sharing it — if that is the first six sentences I am ready for more

  10. Thanks for the link hon, I think I might just join 🙂


  11. Robert Gregory

    Great idea. Thanks for the post! I am definitely going to do this next week!

  12. Six Sentence Sunday, it does look like fun. I’ve enjoyed your six sentences, so I’ll head on over and take a look, thanks Jennifer 🙂