Six Sentence Sunday 7-22-12

Today, for Six Sentence Sunday, I am featuring six from a novelette I just finished.  This was a weird one for me, because it was a Western.  I’ll explain why I read it when I review it on Thursday.

These sentences are from “Mended Hearts” by Olivia Devereaux

The main character, Ella, is telling her young son that his father has just been shot.  They live away from the town, and are all alone.  She just finished burying her husband all by herself. 

“Your pa, he…” the words wouldn’t come.

Eli rushed to her, throwing his arms around her waist.

His tears leaked out and splattered her forearm, but he didn’t utter a sound.

The dust in the yard kicked up in a mini wind devil before dissipating.

Ella gazed toward the long hump of dirt in a cordoned off area Owen had set aside for their family plots

She never thought he’d be the first one to go to the ground.


11 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 7-22-12

  1. I liked your six sentence sunday. I just posted mines check it out.

  2. I love Westerns. This is a very nice, if tragic, scenario.

  3. Maryellen Brady

    emotional six!

  4. Excellent six! Really like the emotion and how you smoothly you handled it. Would definitely read this book.

  5. Nice taunt writing with much said.

  6. Amazing what can be conveyed in six sentences eh? … nicely done!

  7. Very powerful stuff!