Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog

I don’t normally “reblog” stuff.  I like to write my own material… and usually my opinions differ from the orignal writer’s, so I need to write my own stuff anyway.

However, in this case, I think this post is powerful enough, and well-written enough that it can stand on its own.  If you blog, and you have ever posted a picture on your blog that you did not take with your own camera, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to read this post.  Are you sitting on a ticking time bomb?

Many people think “It will not happen to me.”  Guess what?  It happened to author Roni Loren.  Please click the link below to hop over to read her story.

Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog – My Story

By the way… in case you were wondering… all the art on my blog has been legally purchased.  I prefer to spend a little money for peace of mind.


42 responses to “Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog

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  2. I must admit I’d never thought about it before. I try to use my own photos, but don’t always. I think I’m going to make some changes! Pronto.

  3. Well done for bringing this to people’s attention. I’m constantly reminding people who run their own newsletters that you cannot lift pictures/cartoons/illustrations. They are someone’s work, someone’s copyright – it’s how they make a living. And a lawsuit can close a small operation…

  4. wow thanks for the warning, I had no Idea that you could get sued for using pics

  5. Thank you, Jennifer. I’ve read the post in deatail and it is a timely piece. I want to know wether the book covers on my blog that go with the reviews of the said books fall under these categories.

  6. I just read your blog this morning. Fascinating and informative because I’m still learning about blogging. I love your advice about building up your own stock image collection. But I thank you for following me on Al’s War. All those photos are either Al’s, mine or family’s, for which I’m grateful.

  7. Excellent advice for those of us who try to make a living online…I try to be very careful about my images, but I am sure I have slipped up somewhere

  8. I was aghast when some time ago, I saw a newspaper comic strip pasted into a blog. I used to create a company newsletter and you wouldn’t believe the how difficult it was when I began, because all the money I’d spent DVD images could NOT be used.

  9. Reblogged this on Robin Coyle and commented:
    Here is a cautionary tale for all of us. So long posts with galleries of photos of beautiful things gone by. Sorry this is a reblog of a reblog, but the information is important.

  10. Yours is the second reblog I’ve seen of this, and it’s definitely a good warning for all of us. I’ve mainly stuck to my own photos and Microsoft clip art (acknowledged as such), but I will be doubly careful now.

  11. Jennifer Worrell has some pretty good photos. This post is a great reminder!!!

  12. scary when you consider how many time on places like facebook we all hit the share button without thinking most of the images I have used have been my own but there have been the odd ones that I have grabbed from the internet most of them feature on so many different sites it would now prove difficult to track down the original owners but I shall certainly be more wary from now on

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  14. Argh! There go my posts of beautiful books, pens, journals and the like. Thanks for passing along the information.

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  16. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. Ack! I’ve just been posting links back to the sites I got the images from. I guess I’ll have to go back and delete them all?

  18. Can you tell us which company you use for your photos?

  19. Thank you! I only use my own photos and I had no idea about all the ramifications and implications of using others’ work. Great info!

  20. sound advice jenn. i haven’t used a single photo on mine as of yet. if i were they’d be from something i personally had and not from the net. however i believe if one were to want to use another’s photo for their blog, i believe an email to that owner of the photo as to permission to use would be safe with giving credit to that owner on your blog.

    • Yes, but you would need to get that permission in writing so you could show it later in case an issue came up.

      • absolutely correct jenn. you’ve got the right message to protect others in our realm of things. hope the weather and all is going great for you. enjoy the weekend. i’m heading to north carolina on monday. 3 weeks of fun time away from work:)

  21. Thanks so much for this post! It couldn’t come at a better time for me since my sisters and I need to look for public domain pics for my cover!

    • Public Domaign pics for your cover? Seriously? If you are doing your own cover art… please hire a professional artist, or find something on one of the pay-per-use sites like or Getty Images. I think Shutterstock does it, too. I would not put cheezy free art on the coer of my novel. If could kill it before they even read your blurb (Just my opinion, but please, give the cover as much attention as you gave your book)

  22. Thank you Jennifer. So where can I copy safe pictures?

  23. I haven’t used any photos on my blog, but I needed advice like this. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  24. I always use my own photos or one from a stock photo site – there are sites that have ones you can use for free as long as you aren’t making money out of using the photos. The thing that surprised me when I read the post you linked to was that they still sued her even though she took the photo down straight away when she was asked to, I had thought that they could only sue if you persisted in using the photo after your infringement had been pointed out, so that’s useful to know.

  25. I tend to use my own photos or buy them. This post is a timely reminder.

  26. Shelley Bax

    Thanks for the timely tip!

  27. Thanks for this honey.

    I tend to use my own photo’s but I have occasionally used the odd cartoon.

    I will look into this more closely in future 🙂