Six Sentence Sunday – Playing up the Romance card

Here is another Six from my Short “A Test of Faith”. No laughing. I know I’m not the Romance type.

Hmmm… but I can write in a rocket, and have it crash and explode into the office building….

No! No! No! This is the quiet-time… The gentle loving side of me… sit back and relax… *COUGH COUGH*

I ran my fingers down his cheek, my nails scratching against a day’s worth of stubble. “I don’t think you officially asked me out yet, mister.”

The left side of his mouth smiled before the right side. Gosh I loved that little quirk about him.

“Ya gonna get all technical on me now?”

“Sorry, a girl likes to be romanced.”

Yeah, what can I say… It’s romance… It’s just a little something fluffy I do to gear myself up to EXPLODE SOMETHING! Buts it’s nice to write a sequence once in a while that doesn’t make you tense. You know what I mean?


7 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – Playing up the Romance card

  1. A scene leading to explosions of fireworks, perhaps? lol

    PS. I’m no good at the smarmy romance stuff, either. 🙂

  2. i think that was just a prepping for fluff. i think that sounds pretty technical….haha.

  3. The shivers I experienced mad me think of things blowing up. Sweet.

  4. Robert Gregory

    Seems this might lead to explosions of a different type! :-O

  5. I like. 🙂 But you might want to edit your title. 😉