Are Dragons and Mermaids Real? Well, Maybe… Just maybe.

I just read an article on CNN about a monkey that they discovered in the Congo that has been identified as a brand new species.  Does that mean that the species didn’t exist a few years ago?  No, of course not… It’s just that this area of the planet has not been explored by scientists, so no one other than the “locals” new about them.

If you haven’t heard about this, click the link below.  If anything, just take a look at the picture to see how amazingly “human” this monkey’s eyes seem.  Then read below.

“Why the heck didn’t the locals tell anyone there was a brand new primate population in their backyard?” you might ask.

You look out the widow every day and see sparrows.  They are part of your everyday life.  You don’t have modern technology in your life.  You only communicate with the people around you… and they’ve all grown up with sparrows, too.  You have no idea that no one outside your village has never seen a sparrow.  (And maybe the sparrows fly away whenever one of those loud scary “car-things” drives into the village.)

It’s possible that there are TONS of species like this!  Can you imagine?

So, of course my demented mind started wondering.  Dragon and Mermaid lore came from SOMEWHERE.  Who’s to say that all those sailors were just drunk?  Who’s to say that dragons are not in the high uninhabited hills in China?

In one of my favorite movie lines ever:  “Just because you haven’t seen [a million dollars], doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

With the wonders of today’s technology, the idea that there are still species that “science” has yet to discover is extremely fascinating to me.

The truth is, that we DON’T know everything.  We HAVE NOT seen everything.  Isn’t that exciting?


14 responses to “Are Dragons and Mermaids Real? Well, Maybe… Just maybe.

  1. Totally exciting! Especially in our modern world where it seems like everything’s already been done, and discovered, and mapped out and genomed, etc, etc.

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

  2. I remember reading that sailors once mistook manatees for mermaids. You know, because manatees are so smokin’ hot.

    Scurvy must have been one heckuva disease.

  3. I’m one of those Conservative Christian types that doesn’t exactly walk in lock step with my fellow CC’s. When I have the audacity to admit that I can accept the whole Bible as the Word Of God, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s The Exhaustive Resource for God’s Eternal Activities (meaning to me that Atlantis, Ancient Aliens and an alphabet of other things could be just as true at the same time) I get a lot of flak. So I don’t admit it very often.

  4. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio….”

    Some years ago there was a show that Patrick Stewart narrated. It was based on the hypothesis that dragons really existed in the past and took the idea through the Middle Ages when some dragon hunters managed to kill the last surviving specimen…. You just never know when fiction might be borne out be fact….

  5. Julie Catherine

    Well of course, dragons and mermaids exist – and so do angels and fairies and wee forest folk … I talk to them all the time … 😀

  6. I always think of Megaladon, the prehistoric cousin of the Great White Shark. There’s a classic photograph of its jaws with I believe 6 men sitting inside. The thing is, sharks date back to prehistoric times. They haven’t evolved that much, which is a testament to how they are perfect killing machines. The ocean is so vast, and so deep, and much of it not explored. Who’s to say Megaladon really died out? Swimming anyone?

  7. and here i thought dragons and mermaids just lived in the books. boy was i fooled. dragons end up with mermaids all the time – they win time and time again. don’t tell anyone that romantics just live in books too. at least they don’t get stung there …hahaha.

  8. I’d love it if mermaids were real.

  9. I am hear to vouch for dragons. Nessie exists. I’m sure of it. There are the Draco lizards of Southeast Asia, as well. They are the smallest of the dragons and have made themselves quite known in the region. I suspect the fire-breathers have moved closer to the core of the earth due to mass human encroachment. As for mermaids? Wikeewatchee Springs is full of them. 🙂

  10. The monkey looks a little sad. Maybe he didn’t want to be discovered…

    *Pssst, your first paragraph in bold, bottom line, you have ‘new’ instead of ‘knew’ 😉

  11. Most dragons, mermaids, unicorns, and the like, have developed a very sophisticated method of avoiding bumbling humans … *sound of crickets chirping* …it’s just that they haven’t told any humans what it is!

  12. That IS exciting, Jennifer! The only problem I can see with this scenario is that people are trampling into places where civilization should not tread. However, it is nice to know that we don’t know everything about this wonderful planet, yet. Thanks for sharing. 🙂