Hunkering down for a Hurricane. AKA Go Away Sandy.

Hurricane, Huh?  Isn’t hurricane season over?  And I don’t live in Florida.  Wait a minute the eye of the storm is heading where?  Straight for me?  Whaaaaaaaat?

Normally, I don’t even blink about hurricanes, unless I am in the Caribbean, since I always seem to vacation during hurricane season.  But now what they are calling the mother of all storms is heading right at me.  I’m kind of inland, but not far enough inland to be out of the danger zone.

The storm isn’t here yet and the schools are already closed.  The power company, the gas company, and the insurance company have all called with directions about what to do.  Yikes.

Luckily for me, I grew up on the Jersey shore, and know how to batten down the hatches.  I know that just about anything can turn into a projectile.  In a family group effort today, everything that could move in the backyard became safely stowed in our garage.  Our Halloween decorations are all down, and piled up in out living room (The chances of them getting back up are slim)

So now, we sit and wait.  It’s already raining.  At this point, there’s really not anything more we can do but see what happens.

For everyone else in Sandy’s path… keep safe, and stay inside.

For everyone outside the danger zone, prayers or positive energy is always appreciated.  Hopefully, this will all just blow over. (no pun intended)  🙂

Safe wishes to you.


23 responses to “Hunkering down for a Hurricane. AKA Go Away Sandy.

  1. I forgot you live in the same area as me. Hope you and your fam fared well. We got through the worst of it okay, but our shore house…not so much.

  2. Safe wishes to YOU, Jennifer! And also to anyone else in Sandy’s path. Hope things settle down quickly with no more than a bit of rain and wind to actually reach the coast. 🙂

  3. Are you a Jerseyite, too?

  4. Nothing like getting an early Howl-o-ween. Hope you have plenty of Kit Kats, and that your son’s holiday turns out to be fun rather than scary. Stay safe.

  5. Praying for you and your family and all the people in Sandy’s path. Hope all is well. Good luck!

  6. I hope all goes well and everyone stays safe and there is minimal damage.

  7. pretty safe here jenn. i’m near erie pa, (north of pittsburgh) but we’ve been getting a steady rain the past couple of days. if the temps stay above freezing that will be very good.sending positive vibes to the jersey area.

  8. All best wishes for you and the others in your area!

  9. Fingers crossed it passes you by.

  10. Stay safe Jen! 🙂 xo

  11. Good luck and stay safe.

  12. you know my feelings. Giant hugs your way and tons of prayers galore.

  13. It’s already started raining in my neck of the woods. The storm is supposed to arrive here Monday thru Wednesday, in time for the kiddies’ trick or treating. No decorations are going up here either. Baton down the hatches. Wish you well, Jennifer, and everyone in the path of
    Frankenstorm. We can wish it will weaken quickly.

  14. Be safe everyone. Sending protective hugs…

  15. Hope it doesn’t hit you too hard. I suspect there will be a lot of powerless, and thus, Internet-less, people around in the next few days.

  16. Saying prayers for all of you in her path. Be safe.

  17. Julie Catherine

    Sending love, positive energies and prayers – stay safe, everyone! xoxox

  18. It’s supposed to start raining for us tonight, and then the tropical storm winds increase throughout tomorrow and into Tuesday. We’re hopefully battened down and stocked up unnecessarily!

    Stay safe!

  19. Several bloggers on my blogroll are in Sandy’s path. I hope you and yours avoid any serious damage or issues Jennifer. Be well.