Six Sentence Sunday – From my Work in Progress

Yep… Gonna give ya a sneak peek at my latest little swarray (is that how you spell that?) into the world of Romance.  I’m still writing the Explosion novel Fire In the Woods, but so I don’t get stagnant, I’m mixing things up with some shorts for those days when I just need a break from it.

This is from my current WIP “A Test of Faith”.  It starts out with a line stated by our hero, Jack. He is driving, and Jill is in the passenger seat with her daughter Nicole in the rear.

“If I didn’t get drunk last night, I wouldn’t have woken up under your Christmas tree … I wouldn’t have had the guts to finally tell you how I feel.”

Nicole leaned up between our seats. “You woke up under our tree because God put you there, Uncle Jack. You were Mom’s Christmas present.”

His hand slipped back to my knee. “I’m not sure that I was her present. I think she was mine.”

Hmmm.  Okay so that was more than six sentences.  Sorry Counting Gods!  I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

So, Whattya think?


16 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – From my Work in Progress

  1. Hmm. Christmas present. I love a good romantic present. . .what happens the day after, a week after, and after that? Hmm? Well, I won’t be able to sleep now.

  2. Lots of info and characterisation in those few words … nicely done!

    It’s soirée if I’m reading your phonetic spelling correctly … but maybe the word you’re looking for is ‘foray’?

  3. Lila corrected your soiree….and Jack and Jill? Really? 😛

    • Yeah, that was a little goofiness that I didn’t actually go with, but the names had already cemented themselves in my psyche. I figure somewhere in the world there is a couple who has to deal with the annoyance of having these names. Ya know? Maybe someday I will go down the avenue I originally intended with these names… but that’s only if I can get my publisher to buy in to this as a series.

  4. So here are my first 6 – speculative fiction novel, set in an alternative future.
    Jacob turned the pages, his old, liver spotted hands shaking as he revealed picture after picture of a life unthinkable. My young eyes grew wider and wider seeing images of men and women with children sitting, eating and playing within these dwellings. In that moment there were no words to express my amazement.
    “You see, Evan? Such strange lodgings built in lines and others on top of each other. These alone would be fascinating but when I saw the next few pictures I was amazed.”

    Does it peak your interest or not? Honesty please…

    • Actually, yes, it does. I like dystopian. I think it’s a great avenue to recreate a world in so many ways. Your last sentance tripped me up, but it may be the way it pasted into a post, because I wasn’t sure who was talking… I thing it was the grandfather ofr the first half, and the grandson in internal thgouht at the end… but I got the gist of it, and would have enjoyed a little more. Looks good!

  5. Good intro to the characters…makes me want to read on, which of course is the point!

  6. Soiree, m’dear is the spelling, preferably with an accent over the first e, but I knew exactly what you meant from your anglicized spelling so no harm no foul. That’s how language evolves, n’est-ce pas?

    On the six, very sweet to find the love of her life under her tree as a present…sober by then, I hope. LOL

  7. I think you need to finish it, your like the news anchors when they say
    “breaking news out of——but first” Not nice Ms. Eaton…we want the “rest of the story”~~NOW! (stomping feet, holding breath, turning blue, hurry please hurry) 🙂