Let’s take a few moments to talk about Fluff

As most of you know, I am going through the beta-read process right now with my WIP Fire in the Woods. Odd things pop up when you read people’s comments. If I see one, and it doesn’t make sense to me, I make a mental note, and move on. If a second person says the same thing, then I take notice. This is what brings me to Fluff.

Fluff. Am I the only person in the world who knows what Fluff is?

Out of curiosity, I did a Google search. Yes. Fluff as I know it is the number one thing to pop up.

So, next I went to Wikipedia. Here is the definition of Fluff:

Fluff : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fluff is a noun for anything light, soft, or fuzzy and may also be Belly button fluff, also known as navel lint

A brand or product

  • The name of a lifestyle brand created by artist Claudette Barjoud
  • Marshmallow creme, a food product

So yes, Fluff was on Wikipedia too, but oddly listed below belly button lint… which is a bit weird.

Picture property of Wikipedia commons. Thanks!

Okay… so there is a point to this post. Fluff is a food… Well, I guess it’s debatable that it’s a food. I don’t actually think it has any nutritional value. But what it is – is delicious!I grew up with fluff. There is nothing better to take away the dreariness of a bad day than a big dollop of fluff on top of extra crunchy peanut butter hugged between two slices of bread. MMMMMmmmmm. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about it.

But the odd thing to me, is that my main character, Jess, rifles through a cabinet, finds the peanut butter, and is upset that she can’t find the Fluff.

I was shocked that several beta readers had no idea what Fluff was.

What is this world coming to?!

So, like a good little girl, I removed the reference to Fluff, because I do not want to confuse or offend today’s health-conscious society.

But I give everyone homework today. If you have never experienced the joy of Fluff, you can find it in the same aisle as the peanut butter. A Fluffernutter sandwich is bread, a small amount of peanut butter, and as much Fluff as the bread can handle.

Everyone should experience the joy of a Fluffernutter sandwich at least once in your life.

Go ahead. Take a bite. I dare you.

Then come back and share the sugar-shocked joy your body experiences.

Mmmmmm. I think I’ll run to my cupboard now and grab a jar to join you.

What’s your favorite food from when you were a kid that makes you smile every time you think about it?


57 responses to “Let’s take a few moments to talk about Fluff

  1. I beat you to this, Jennifer! I wrote an entire post about Fluff back in April. Take a peek if you wish:


  2. I even remember the commercial for the Fluffernutter: http://youtu.be/O6gljDcLrvQ

    I always liked them better on toast. Bread just tastes better when it’s toasted.

  3. my take is we can’t have fluff all the time to sugar coat life. there is a lot of artificialness in that. if you took all that was in that jar of fluff how much of is it pure? that’s my two sense. take it or leave it.

    • Dang you poets getting all deep on me! There is nothing deep about Fluff. It is pure decadence. Oh! Write a poem about Fluff for me! PLEEEEEAAAASSeeee? 🙂

      • i thought you might get a kick out of what i sent your way. if i wrote about it, uhhmmm, it would be something sweet and pure ecstasy. not very many people like that sappy stuff….haha. i’ll think about it though – a challenge:)

        • Yay! You can always go with something dirty… I don’t think you’ve gone there yet (not that I’ve read anyway)

          • uhhmmm…. actually have gone there. you have to dig way down in my blog like back in february. it’s a piece called “financial activity” if ya wanna venture to it you can. but this piece wouldn’t be anywhere closely associated with fluff. you might get a real giggle out of it though:)

  4. Never tried Fluff and not sure if we have it hear. Will check it out next time I’m at the grocery store.
    I miss Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereals. The marshmallows are my favorite part. 🙂

    • Ha! I commented somewhere below about Count Chocula. I loved Boo Berry, too, but because I liked the little ghost. I think I remember not liking the cereal, but I always asked for it anyway. Good marketing.

  5. We have ‘Marshmallow Cream’, but ‘Fluff’ must be an American brand name because I have never heard of it before this. To make instant s’mores, spread the ‘Fluff’ or ‘Marshmallow Cream’ on a Graham Cracker. Spread another Graham Cracker with Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread), then smoosh the two together. YUM!

  6. my sister did it, it was in her kitchen cabinet, not mine…I was forced to try it…group pressure; to Cut that White Fluff with peanut butter…nieces watching with big smiles as if it was an initiation; I unstuck my lips and formed a happy “Yes!”- Done! I was in the “Fluffer” Forever….coerced from the first bite into an addictive substance more dangerous than any white stuff imaginable. Fluff is nothing to snuff about. It is here to stay. Ask Grandma for recipes…it Will form the future of the next generation of Bluffers, I mean Fluffers….

  7. You may be shocked and disappointed to hear this—I know what it is, and I never liked it or “the other brand.” I liked my peanut butter and chocolate straight—except when putting the two together in Reese’s peanut butter cups. 🙂

    I stopped trying most of my old childhood favorites because the modern versions don’t fit my memories. Part of that might be changing taste buds, but I think most is due to changing recipes by the companies. ;(

    • Oh! The worst change is when they tried to make the Twinkie’s healthier. COME ON! The reason to bite into a Twinkie was that rush of adrenalyn when that sugar hit your brain in 3.5 seconds! ERGGHHH. Totally ruined them!

      If I want healthy, I’ll grab an apple, dernit! Bring back the old Twinkies!

  8. Sounds scrumptious. I’ll have to get some to share with my granddaughters. They already love peanut butter so…

  9. I’d never heard of Fluff until I printed out a chocolate fluffernutter cupcake recipe and looked at the ingredients list. OMG it is so delicious. Words cannot describe. Fluff ftw.

  10. I’ve heard of Fluff, but it’s something my mom never bought so I never tried it! Sounds right up my alley though. My comfort food was, and always will be, chocolate:-)

  11. I had forgotten this tasty delight. Yum! But these days if it isn’t sugar free I can’t slab it on. 😦

  12. Never heard of fluff. I loved WHAM bars, very sour but tasty.

  13. I used to love Quisp cereal. Thought it was so great. Every now and then I see a box of it in the store, and the memories come rushing back. 🙂

  14. I have fluff in my cabinet right now. Turned the kids onto it and they love it. Awesome with peanut butter. Almost as good as peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Then again, I always liked peanut butter and pickles. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. 🙂 I think I might leave it in, just clarify it as a jar of marshmallow cream or fluff

  15. just call it marshmallow fluff and don’t take it out–I would never have known what fluff was either –
    favourite food from childhood – mustard sandwiches

  16. I reckon you ought’a leave the term in … a little mystery is good for the soul … and if they’re really curious, then have a glossary at the end.

    … seriously though, a reader will suspend disbelief if the story is compelling. If we write a story where the character knows what fluff is, the reader will not need to know what it is, only that the character enjoyed eating it, or is annoyed that it wasn’t available to eat.

  17. Because I call it Marshmallow Fluff, and because I wouldn’t think to have it with peanut butter, then I might not immediately know what you were talking about when it was used in the way you described, but then as I’m British that isn’t really surprising as it’s not very well known over here. I agree that it’s yummy though!

    I can’t think of any foods from when I was a kid that always make me smile right now, but I still like most kid foods now!

  18. FLUFF ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I thought it was a staple like p-nut butter, jelly, flour, sugar! Oh a flutternutter sandwich (may have to run to the grocer) yummm. It is also used to make quick fudge so even if you didn’t like the sandwich there is the fudge , oh and spread across the top of warm brownies..oh Lawd I just gained 5 lbs! 🙂

  19. You know, Disneyworld serves fluffernutter sandwiches at their Pop Century Resort cafeteria in honor of Elvis. Apparently it was his favorite sandwich.

  20. I’ve always known it as marshmallow cream, but I have heard it referred to as Fluff. But even so, it takes me a moment or two to recall that when I hear the word Fluff used to refer to a food. It’s probably a regional thing.

  21. Never heard of Fluff, or even seen it in the grocery store. I’d be willing to try it but I don’t do sandwiches anymore, especially not with peanut butter. Had way too many PB&Js as a kid and went on strike as an adult, lol. Glad you find so much enjoyment in it, though. As for me, I’ll settle for this tasty banana bread I just baked tonight 🙂