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Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday: After the lights go out

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Yay!  I’m back doing five minute flash again.  I think my brain was broken for a while.

Now… I’m not going to say this is rocket science or anything, but I did write it in five minutes.

Gregg waited for the lights to go out before slipping on his black gloves.  With a deep breath, he pulled the dark hood out of his sack and slid the heavy fabric over his head.  The smell of sour sauce tingled his nose, a memory of his dinner earlier in the day.

He slipped from behind the car, and checked the street.  A cat chased a rabbit across the pavement, the pair disappearing beneath the neighbor’s fence.  They were his only witnesses.


Gregg crouched down, and hung beside a gravestone, eyeing his goal:  The impenetrable doorway at the top of the long stairs.  He slid from the gravestone, to a witch’s cauldron, inching closer.

Through the haunted house he scampered, just in time as the lights blared on.

“Gregg,” a woman’s voice called.

“Gregg, where are you?”

He pulled the scabbard from his sack, and jumped from the depths of the haunted house, screaming with glee.

“Trick or Treat!”

Oh!  Just for grins and giggles — Remember that Fluff article I wrote on Saturday?  John Holton sent me this wonderful old commercial for Fluff.  This is a little before my time, but it sure does make you hungry!


Let’s take a few moments to talk about Fluff

As most of you know, I am going through the beta-read process right now with my WIP Fire in the Woods. Odd things pop up when you read people’s comments. If I see one, and it doesn’t make sense to me, I make a mental note, and move on. If a second person says the same thing, then I take notice. This is what brings me to Fluff.

Fluff. Am I the only person in the world who knows what Fluff is?

Out of curiosity, I did a Google search. Yes. Fluff as I know it is the number one thing to pop up.

So, next I went to Wikipedia. Here is the definition of Fluff:

Fluff : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fluff is a noun for anything light, soft, or fuzzy and may also be Belly button fluff, also known as navel lint

A brand or product

  • The name of a lifestyle brand created by artist Claudette Barjoud
  • Marshmallow creme, a food product

So yes, Fluff was on Wikipedia too, but oddly listed below belly button lint… which is a bit weird.

Picture property of Wikipedia commons. Thanks!

Okay… so there is a point to this post. Fluff is a food… Well, I guess it’s debatable that it’s a food. I don’t actually think it has any nutritional value. But what it is – is delicious!I grew up with fluff. There is nothing better to take away the dreariness of a bad day than a big dollop of fluff on top of extra crunchy peanut butter hugged between two slices of bread. MMMMMmmmmm. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about it.

But the odd thing to me, is that my main character, Jess, rifles through a cabinet, finds the peanut butter, and is upset that she can’t find the Fluff.

I was shocked that several beta readers had no idea what Fluff was.

What is this world coming to?!

So, like a good little girl, I removed the reference to Fluff, because I do not want to confuse or offend today’s health-conscious society.

But I give everyone homework today. If you have never experienced the joy of Fluff, you can find it in the same aisle as the peanut butter. A Fluffernutter sandwich is bread, a small amount of peanut butter, and as much Fluff as the bread can handle.

Everyone should experience the joy of a Fluffernutter sandwich at least once in your life.

Go ahead. Take a bite. I dare you.

Then come back and share the sugar-shocked joy your body experiences.

Mmmmmm. I think I’ll run to my cupboard now and grab a jar to join you.

What’s your favorite food from when you were a kid that makes you smile every time you think about it?