Flash Finish Contest for a FREE COPY of “For the Love of Christmas”– Part of the Still Moments Halloween Blog Hop

This post is just supposed to be a spooky story, but I decided to bend the rules a bit and have fun.  Yes, this is a giveaway.

One random participant will receive a free copy of Still Moments Publishing’s “For the Love of Christmas”, so you can cuddle up with my Holiday Tale “Connect the Dots” as soon as it is available.* Yay!  It’s so cool to be giving away something I wrote!  Wahooo!

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Okay.  Rules.  Don’t worry, I’ll make it easy.

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Okay.  Now the fun part.  I’m going to start a short Halloween story.  All you need to do is finish the story in as few as one line, or as many as 100 words.  (I won’t count your words 🙂 )


Winners will be chosen at random from everyone who’s followed the rules.  (Which means this isn’t rocket science.  We are out to have fun here, by golly!)

Oh Yeah!  By entering, you will automatically be added to Still Moments list of participants, where you can win one of the prizes listed here.

Okay… The spooky story all ready for you to finish… Here we go!

The hinges creak as I push the door open with trembling fingertips.  The light from my candle casts an eerie glow throughout the chamber.  I set the taper down, and search the room.  Where had that sound come from?

A dull thud from behind chills the very blood in my veins, cooling my heart and transfixing me. No one else should have access to this hall.

The glow of the candle flickers over the poker leaning against the fireplace, the only weapon close enough for me to …

A footstep sounds behind be, and cold fingers wrap around my arm.


There you go!  What happens?  It could be one sentence, or a few.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Have fun!

The contest will close October 26th and I will announce a winner soon after.

Note:  Still Moments will draw their Grand Prizes from all participants across the entire blog hop.  Please feel free to visit the other participating blogs to increase your chances.  Grand Prize drawings will take place on October 26th. Email Addresses are required for the Grand Prize drawings.  Entries without email addresses will be discarded.

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Participating SMP Authors:

October 22, 2012
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Jennifer Eaton – http://www.jennifermeaton.com/
Ceri Hebert – http://cerihebert.wordpress.com/

October 23, 2012

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Dani-Lyn Alexander – http://www.danilynalexander.com/blog.html

October 24,
Mackenzie Crowne – http://mackenziecrowne.com/
Maggie Devine – http://maggiedevine.blogspot.com/
Liberty Blake – http://libertysspells.blogspot.com/

October 25, 2012

Darlene Henderson – http://dandwh.wordpress.com/
Em Epe – http://www.emeperomances.blogspot.com/
Clara Waibel – http://www.pomadness.blogspot.com/

*Note:  “For the Love of Christmas” Will not ba available until December, BUT I’M GOOD FOR IT! — PROMISE!


20 responses to “Flash Finish Contest for a FREE COPY of “For the Love of Christmas”– Part of the Still Moments Halloween Blog Hop

  1. What a fun idea this was! Enjoyed reading all the story endings!

  2. My next line would be….”…and my husband asked, ‘Where are my hot-chillies honey, my hands are freezing!”

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  5. I whip around, my heart pounding like a drum in the dark, but no one is there. The air suddenly grows cold. The flame of the taper leaps, then dies. My breath hangs in a vapor, clinging to me like a deep fog in the moonlight. Behind me, a door creaks open. Heavy footsteps move across the room. Slow. Methodical. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. A voice hisses my name. “Eavie.” I want to run but my feet are frozen. I close my eyes and whisper, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.” A voice, dead and cold, whispers in my ear. “No, but the boogieman is very real.” I scream and run from the room. I never look back.

  6. What a great idea!! I’ll tweet / fb & hopefully get some more cool comments!!

  7. I turned slowly. “Jeez! Emily! Why are your hands always freezing and why the hell did you follow me down here?!? You almost gave me a heart attack!”
    “Sorry!” Emily, my best friend and business partner, exclaimed. “But one of the bathtub’s on the second floor of the Inn started overflowing and Mrs. Jones is getting quite upset…hey, what’s this place anyway?”
    I sighed and tried to slow my beating heart. “Em, this is that old passageway I was telling you about that one day, remember? The one I want to clean up for the historical society’s Haunted Walk? Now, come on, let’s go deal with Mrs. Jones and her overflowing tub.”

  8. I gasp with fear as I turn toward the grip, but when I see his face, I flush with dread.
    “Darling,” he says to me, lips tight across his teeth. “How many times have I told you not to use this passageway?”
    “But..but,” I stammer, afraid to say the truth, “You’ve been dead for 8 months, Jonathan.” I moan out loud. “I didn’t think…”
    “But perhaps you should have, my dear, yes?”

  9. What a fun idea, Jennifer! I can’t wait to see more endings!!

  10. Shrieking I turn. The vision in front of me gives me a cold stare. A show of teeth sends shivers down my spine. “Mom! What are you doing here?”

  11. “Employees only,” said the Disneyland drone holding a small stack of Mickey ears in the crook of his arm. “I’m gonna hafta ask ya ta leave.”