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Exerpt from my work in progress “Une Variante”

Along with editing Fire in the Woods, I’ve also stepped into a new genre for me. Une Variante is a paranormal set in the present day. Yeah, kind of an odd choice for me, but the idea hit me while driving a few months ago, and it’s been “calling me”. You know what I mean?

So here’s a random six-ish sentences. I scrolled to a random page, counted down five lives, and here you have it. In this scene, Jason and Amanda are returning home after their wedding. Enjoy!

(By the way… don’t look for paranormal here. There’s nothing paranormal in this scene.) 🙂

“Don’t drop me!” Amanda said, clinging to her husband’s shoulders as he carried her up the walkway to their new home.

He propped her on one knee. “I’m trying not to.”

“I can walk you know.”

“Nope,” he said, fumbling with the keys. “I’m gonna carry you over the threshold if it kills me.”

“I’m more worried about it killing me.”

So, how do you like my quirky newlyweds?

Their honeymoon is about to take an unexpected twist


Hurricane update and Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday: Heart Stomping

Note:  Thanks for all the well wishes about hurricane Sandy.  We suffered mild damage in the form of a bad installation of a brand new sliding glass door.  It actually rained inside the door and outside.  I wish I thought of taking video, but all we could do was attack it with towels.  We got off quite lucky compared to the devastation not too far away.  Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Now, without further ado…Five minutes on the clock.  Go!

Melanie’s cold hand did little to soften the trampling beat of her heart.  The bark of the tree behind her scraped her skin through her thin cotton t-shirt.  Still, she struggled to become one with it … to hide.

A branch snapped in the darkness, stealing her breath. Immobilized, she squinted into the brush.  Where had the sound come from? Silence played with her mind, and she imagined the tree’s limbs growing, clutching clawing, and a breath behind her. But that’s impossible!

A shriek penetrated the night, and she pushed from the tree.  Her shirt caught and ripped, the sound a quick zip in the night as she darted into the darkness.

Happy Halloween!

Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday: After the lights go out

If you are looking for the Spooky Halloween blog hop, click HERE

Yay!  I’m back doing five minute flash again.  I think my brain was broken for a while.

Now… I’m not going to say this is rocket science or anything, but I did write it in five minutes.

Gregg waited for the lights to go out before slipping on his black gloves.  With a deep breath, he pulled the dark hood out of his sack and slid the heavy fabric over his head.  The smell of sour sauce tingled his nose, a memory of his dinner earlier in the day.

He slipped from behind the car, and checked the street.  A cat chased a rabbit across the pavement, the pair disappearing beneath the neighbor’s fence.  They were his only witnesses.


Gregg crouched down, and hung beside a gravestone, eyeing his goal:  The impenetrable doorway at the top of the long stairs.  He slid from the gravestone, to a witch’s cauldron, inching closer.

Through the haunted house he scampered, just in time as the lights blared on.

“Gregg,” a woman’s voice called.

“Gregg, where are you?”

He pulled the scabbard from his sack, and jumped from the depths of the haunted house, screaming with glee.

“Trick or Treat!”

Oh!  Just for grins and giggles — Remember that Fluff article I wrote on Saturday?  John Holton sent me this wonderful old commercial for Fluff.  This is a little before my time, but it sure does make you hungry!

Flash Finish Contest for a FREE COPY of “For the Love of Christmas”– Part of the Still Moments Halloween Blog Hop

This post is just supposed to be a spooky story, but I decided to bend the rules a bit and have fun.  Yes, this is a giveaway.

One random participant will receive a free copy of Still Moments Publishing’s “For the Love of Christmas”, so you can cuddle up with my Holiday Tale “Connect the Dots” as soon as it is available.* Yay!  It’s so cool to be giving away something I wrote!  Wahooo!

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Okay.  Rules.  Don’t worry, I’ll make it easy.

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Okay.  Now the fun part.  I’m going to start a short Halloween story.  All you need to do is finish the story in as few as one line, or as many as 100 words.  (I won’t count your words 🙂 )


Winners will be chosen at random from everyone who’s followed the rules.  (Which means this isn’t rocket science.  We are out to have fun here, by golly!)

Oh Yeah!  By entering, you will automatically be added to Still Moments list of participants, where you can win one of the prizes listed here.

Okay… The spooky story all ready for you to finish… Here we go!

The hinges creak as I push the door open with trembling fingertips.  The light from my candle casts an eerie glow throughout the chamber.  I set the taper down, and search the room.  Where had that sound come from?

A dull thud from behind chills the very blood in my veins, cooling my heart and transfixing me. No one else should have access to this hall.

The glow of the candle flickers over the poker leaning against the fireplace, the only weapon close enough for me to …

A footstep sounds behind be, and cold fingers wrap around my arm.


There you go!  What happens?  It could be one sentence, or a few.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Have fun!

The contest will close October 26th and I will announce a winner soon after.

Note:  Still Moments will draw their Grand Prizes from all participants across the entire blog hop.  Please feel free to visit the other participating blogs to increase your chances.  Grand Prize drawings will take place on October 26th. Email Addresses are required for the Grand Prize drawings.  Entries without email addresses will be discarded.

Want extra chance to win?  Hop along the Blog Hop trail below, and good Luck! (I want that stinking necklace… so cool!)

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*Note:  “For the Love of Christmas” Will not ba available until December, BUT I’M GOOD FOR IT! — PROMISE!