Hurricane update and Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday: Heart Stomping

Note:  Thanks for all the well wishes about hurricane Sandy.  We suffered mild damage in the form of a bad installation of a brand new sliding glass door.  It actually rained inside the door and outside.  I wish I thought of taking video, but all we could do was attack it with towels.  We got off quite lucky compared to the devastation not too far away.  Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Now, without further ado…Five minutes on the clock.  Go!

Melanie’s cold hand did little to soften the trampling beat of her heart.  The bark of the tree behind her scraped her skin through her thin cotton t-shirt.  Still, she struggled to become one with it … to hide.

A branch snapped in the darkness, stealing her breath. Immobilized, she squinted into the brush.  Where had the sound come from? Silence played with her mind, and she imagined the tree’s limbs growing, clutching clawing, and a breath behind her. But that’s impossible!

A shriek penetrated the night, and she pushed from the tree.  Her shirt caught and ripped, the sound a quick zip in the night as she darted into the darkness.

Happy Halloween!


5 responses to “Hurricane update and Flash Fiction Friday on Wednesday: Heart Stomping

  1. Glad it was only the sliding door problem.

    You got me. Line, hook and sinker. Love the Halloween story.

  2. Robert Gregory

    Good to hear you’re okay! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you are ok. We got a couple of days of rain and some high winds yesterday. Not much.

  4. Perfect snippet for this special day.

    Glad your damage was relatively minor and that you and your family are safe. 🙂

  5. So happy to hear it is no worse for you than the storm door. Prayers for those that got hit so badly, maybe this will once again rally the nation together in one hand reaching out to help another. God Bless
    Love the FF:)