What are you working on? And … Super Short Sunday Excerpt from my upcoming release: A Test of Faith

In the tradition of Six Sentence Sunday (Which I haven’t officially signed up for in months) I’m posting six-ish random sentences from “A Test of Faith” which is tentatively scheduled for release in early January (Yay!)

I typed in the number of pages into a randomizer, and then typed in the number of lines into the randomizer and here is what it chose.


“A twelve-year old is pouring champagne,” Jack said. “What’s wrong with this picture?”

I smiled. “Taste it.”

He took a sip and laughed. “Sparkling cider, I should have guessed.”


So now I’m slapping this back at you.  Here’s your challenge:

1. Check the number of pages in your current WIP.

2. Go to http://www.random.org/ (or any random number generator)

3. Get a random page

4. There should be about 30 lines in a page.  Get a random starting point.

5. Post the six sentences starting at that point either below in the comments, or on your blog and link it below.

Let’s have some fun!

I can’t wait it see what you’re working on!


10 responses to “What are you working on? And … Super Short Sunday Excerpt from my upcoming release: A Test of Faith

  1. Thanks Jennifer. Great excerpt.

    What a test, after weeks of just pounding it out. More than six sentences, but they are short:

    “Muriel, be civil. It’s perfectly legal. Rather clever, actually. Life insurance with a third party beneficiary, a nice payout for me after two years. It’s called–”

    “I don’t care what it’s called. I know what a third party beneficiary is. Do you? You’re selling an insurance policy on your life to a stranger, you know that, don’t you?”

    “Of course I know. I’m old, don’t you see? Way beyond worrying about daggers behind the curtains. It might be nice to go suddenly and with a little drama.”

  2. Posted on my blog today but I’ll post here, too. From the YA/NA novel, IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING.

    The surgeon pulled another vial from the line, unstopping it with his teeth. He spit the cork to one side and dribbled the liquid over the wound. Trog’s flesh hissed as the drops ran into the bloody cut. Like a hot brand it seared the edges of the wound, consuming him in screaming agony as it cauterized the deepest parts of the lesion. Trog braced against the pain as the needle, threaded with fine strands of sun-bleached horse hairs, passed through his skin. Eighty times the needle pierced the edges of the wound. Trog bit down on the leather strap. A single tear escaped and he turned his head to let it fall unseen.

  3. Fun idea! Here we go with a clip from my WIP Death Out of Time.

    “Wow, sounds like she’s a real winner,” Jack said.
    “That’s an understatement,” Bridget replied. “Did Madeleine ever tell you her first divorce was initiated the same day she got tenure? Rumor has it she was on the phone to her lawyer five minutes after she got the official word.”
    As TT entered the room, Bridget turned to Madeleine and changed the subject. “I meant to ask you yesterday—how did the burials from the cemetery in Loudoun County turn out?”

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  5. Interesting six there. Thank you. I’ll post a random six later when my Internet connection is less trying. It’s the weather and wind. 😊