Six Sentence Exerpt from “The Glass Man”

This is a six sentence excerpt from the Glass Man by Jocelyn Adams.

I’m going to review this sucker when I get a chance, but let’s take a minute to describe the Glass Man.

Yeah, there’s nothing like an ultra-sexy-and-he-knows-it bad guy.  It’s the kind of villain that you can’t stand, but you just CAN’T WAIT for him to sashay back into the next scene.

Here’s the six:

“You are a hearty thing,” the Glass Man said in that amused tone he always used.  He sauntered out from behind a tree, wearing a dark gray suit.  A gray silk tie painted a shining line down a matching shirt.  His wavy hair had been pulled back and secured with a black ribbon.  I’d never seen him dressed up.  In another life—one where he wasn’t a murderous sociopath—I might have thought him beautiful, but at that moment he looked like cancer wearing an Armani.

Ha!  Don’t you just love/hate him already?

What book have you read lately with an awesome villain.  Did you find yourself rooting for him or her?


3 responses to “Six Sentence Exerpt from “The Glass Man”

  1. What a great title and book cover. And an interesting six sentences. I’ll have to go check that book out on Amazon.

  2. I LOVE the Armani line. I often wonder why I can’t come up with analogies so brilliant.

  3. There are a few villains I’ve rooted for. The main one that comes to mind is Jean Claude from the Anita Blake series. He was so devious and charming I couldn’t help wanting him to succeed. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!