What are you working on today? Sunday Speed Snippet – Last Winter Red – What’s Your Speed Snippet for today?

Wow.  Tomorrow is Release Day for the Make Believe Anthology.   When I signed that contract, it seemed like the date would never get here, but here we are. **she bites her nails**

I figured, in honor of the release, I’d give you a Sunday Snippet from “Last Winter Red.” In this passage, our main character Emily is crying in the next room after finding out the man she was interested in is married.  To rub salt in the wounds, she listens to this conversation through a closed door.

“George,” Lori’s voice stopped his steps. “She’s been here three times since the wedding, and you never mentioned we were married?”

“I guess it never came up.”

“Never came up?” A pause hung in the air. “It didn’t occur to you that she might have an ulterior motive to her visits? You’re the one who told me Reds are brainwashed into having unhealthy numbers of children. You should have known she was looking for a husband.”

George’s sigh permeated the wooded slats of the door. “I needed that medicine, Lori. She was the only one willing to bring it out here.”

“You used her?”

“Does it matter? She’s not bringing any more.”

Oh!  Don’t you just want to smack him upside the head!!!!

Okay, your turn!

1. Check the number of pages in your current WIP.

2. Go to http://www.random.org/ (or any random number generator)

3. Get a random page

5. Post a hundred or so words starting at the first full sentence on the page either below in the comments, or on your blog and link it below.

Let’s have some fun!

I can’t wait it see what you’re working on!


6 responses to “What are you working on today? Sunday Speed Snippet – Last Winter Red – What’s Your Speed Snippet for today?

  1. Congratulations on the big day tomorrow!

    Here’s another snip from Death Out of Time.

    Ortzin thought about the lost receiver while the two women talked. Monitoring hadn’t tracked further signals and couldn’t determine if the piece was still in 2016 or had been taken to another time. Elders Up Time were still silent on the matter.

    Their silence should be a good sign. It could mean he was on the right course. But what if this was a test of his abilities as Chief of Tracking?

    Don’t second guess yourself, he thought. That’s the path to failure. You’ve considered the options and taken the best course. Move forward.

    Still, evaluating progress was a wise course as well. Udana was busy enough in the twenty-first century without Landry or the lost Lehen receiver. He would meet with the Elders tomorrow and request permission to send a Tracker to help her.

  2. Yay, congratulations to you! Think you’ll sleep tonight?

    Great idea to do this. Page 43 from my soon to be released novel, Howdy, Ma’am, Book One–

    She saw innocence and shyness, but still something strong and sexy. His sexiness seemed natural and the strength had to come from hard work. There was so much she’d like to learn and know about him. She watched the hostess and female wait-staff examine his looks behind his back. She wondered if women at the shows did the same thing. Velia vowed to figure out this man and his personality, and how he fit into his world. If she did, she could capture it in her photos. Once she knew him, her photographs would be even better. She wanted to capture the real man, even the sexy part, but maybe she would keep some of those for herself.

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  4. Congratulations on this momentous day. 🙂

    “What’s with the policeman?” she asked, pushing the empty barrel back into the vacuum cleaner. “Are you in some kind of trouble?” Dru looked like she wanted Elinor to be in trouble. It would be more exciting than cleaning.
    “No, he’s investigating an old case.”
    “Yeah, what kind of case?” Dru slumped against a the back of the sofa, forgetting about the carpet.
    “He’s looking for bodies,” Elinor said with out looking up from her book.
    “Dead ones!” The girl opened her eyes wide.
    “I believe so.”
    “No shit. That’s cool.”
    “I don’t think the bodies thought so.”