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Write a Story with Me #51: “Natalia could be the one” with Joe Owens

Write a Story with Me is a group endeavor just for the fun of it.  A different writer adds a new 250 words each week.  It is the ultimate Flash Fiction Challenge!

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Here’s this week’s excerpt.  We hope you enjoy!

This week we welcome Joe Owens with his very first installment!

51 – Joe Owens

Even as Morath’s words echoed in Natalia’s ears her mind wandered back to moments when she was a young child. She loved spending time with father. He was as consumed with her as she was with him. But Natalia had stolen away one evening after supper when her parents were sure she was asleep to see her father once more before sleep. She snuck up into the loft of the barn and watched in amazement as he transformed into his Fae form. This magic was so beautiful, so unexpected. At four she did not understand, but she definitely never forgot that moment. Morath’s words brought all of the memories she had suppressed back to her mind.

She also remembered the conversation her parents had that night.

“Natalia could be the one,” her father declared.

“How can we ask such a thing of our child?”

“A war will come between our peoples if nothing is done.”

“I don’t like you doing this and certainly don’t want to see her involved.”

“If we stand and watch we are dooming her and her children to much worse. If this campaign to eradicate my kind continues to grow my kind will be exterminated or exiled.”

“I know Katoris! I have no answers!”

“I’m sorry my love,” Katoris said as he pulled her close. “If it does not come now I fear Natalia will face a day of great pain. As a father I just want the best for my child!”

“But is it best to lose you in a fight you cannot possibly win?”

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Six Sentence Sunday – Something by me! – Six from Fire in the Woods

For the while now I’ve been too lazy to put out my own stuff featuring other authors for Six Sentence Sunday.

Today, I thought I’d take a random Six from my current baby, “Fire in the Woods”.

I basically opened up the file, dragged the little doo-hicky down about a quarter into the document, and counted down ten lines. So, Bam, this is the six you get.

In this six, my main character, Jess, is describing her father. (Fire in the Woods is told in first person “I” from Jess’s perspective.)

“Well, he doesn’t really laugh much anymore. We used to play a lot together, and now he’s like, all business.” I closed my eyes, taking in the clear forest air. My mind wandered back to my mother’s funeral—Dad sitting on the bench, staring at Mom’s open coffin. “He never cried. He just sat there.”