Kreativ Blogger Winners – And a bunch of honorable mentions

Wow…. Next time I promise to look at 126 blogs someone SMACK ME.

This was fun, though.

Can I say one thing?  Guys, please… if you are just blogging for the fun of it, disregard this comment.  However, if you are building a brand, you should really think about what your blog looks like, as well as the content.

Some of these blogs may be wonderful, but if it looks boring, there is less of a chance for someone to read it.

For the 30 or so of you with the same theme… the exact same row of books in your header… immediate disqualification.  BORING.  Would you want an agent to go to your blog and have it look just like the other ten blogs they looked at that day?  Think about it. That’s not the only theme I saw over and over, but it was the most abused used.

The first time I saw my theme replicated (The Koi theme) I cringed.  The next time I saw it, I dumped it… even though I loved it.  I didn’t want to go through that annoyance again, so I built my own theme.  Be creative.  Don’t be like everyone else.

So, with that in mind… Here is my list of “honorable mentions”

This is everyone who I at least stopped on and looked around for a little bit.  It could have been for any reason.  The color, the name of the blog, the originality.  There was something about the VISUAL of the first glance that made me stop.  You managed to grab my interest.  One of you even tempted me into downloading your novel.

If you are not on this list, consider taking a look at your blog… not necessarily the content, but the overall “look”.  (Note:  I may not have placed you on the honorable mention list if you recently won this award.)  —- I’ve seen this background too many times… but the turtle drew me in. –WORD SALAD.  Love the title–would win if I hadn’t seen this backdrop so many times (It’s pretty, though which is why so many people use it. – same as above.  This was my first blog backdrop.  LOVED IT…until I came across 12 more people using it. – I downloaded her novel tonight

Luckily for me, I won this award three times this week, so I get to choose 18 winners.

Here they are.  The most creative out of my 126 current followers (In no particular order).

Of the list above the best by far for brand-building is

The art really gives you a feel for who the author is.  You know, at a glance, whether you will love or HATE his work.  Nicely done.

Okay, Lucky 18!  Now it’s your turn.  Please pass this award on to 6 lucky bloggers, and let them know.  Also, post on your blogs a list of 10 useless but fun facts about you.



38 responses to “Kreativ Blogger Winners – And a bunch of honorable mentions

  1. Hey – Thank you for doing this post!! I’m a BBSC blogger: “Bigtime Beginning Somewhat Clueless blogger. This post was so helpful, so that I can check out these other blogs, to see what it was that stood out to a seasoned blogger. I have to figure out how to take my blog out of generic into something worth looking at. Again, thank you.

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  5. Congratulations on the Kreativ Blogger award, 3x! Brave move to review all the blogs that follow yours…must have been interesting and time eating. 🙂 Thank you for including me on the winners list, what an honour! Now to pass it on…

  6. WhitneyCarter

    Thank you Jennifer!! I bet it took forever to compile both of those lists.

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  8. Hey, that was really nice of you. Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Shelley Szajner

    Thanks for the award, Jennifer! I think your blog is awesome, especially your use of different font types within your posts.

  10. Wow – you put a lot of thought and work into this! I feel so honored to be among the other 18. Thanks so much Jennifer. I put a lot of hours into coming up with a theme and custom header so it’s nice to be acknowledged. Woot woot!!! Million thank yous!

    • The work definitely shows. Your blog is stunning, and one of the most original I’ve seen. I love the design.

      If you have not seen Natalie’s blog, click on her name and take a look.

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  14. Thanks. I just redesigned my blog. I appreciate the notice. 🙂

  15. Got rid of the overused book banner… ; )

  16. Marie Gilbert

    I love the advice you give and I’m going to work on improving the look of my blog.

  17. I am delighted to have been noticed. Thanks for the Honorable Mention. I’ll have to look around and see if it is time to change my theme to something less used…

    Good advice!

  18. Thanks so much for the award, Jennifer! I am so honored that you picked my blog. Now if I can just keep it more updated!!! 😀

  19. Thank you for the Honourable Mention 🙂 I love my theme but know that all the WP free themes end up overused, once I see mine used a few times I will change. Eventually I will go self-hosted with my own theme, but for now (as it’s not a ‘brand’ as such) I will stick with what I have.

  20. What a thrill! Thank you, Jennifer for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

  21. Thanks for the honorable mention, Jennifer. The winning site is awesome.

  22. Wow! Lots of links to explore! I can’t wait! 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for the mention.

  23. Thank you, I’m honored! 🙂

  24. Woot, Jennifer! Thanks for the honorable mention. Were you afraid I’d tag you back? Hmm? I’m taking Blogging to Build Brand by Kristen Lamb in January and February b/c I KNOW my blog needs to be and can be more.

    I can’t hit all of the honorable mentions (and stay on goal), but I’ll definitely hit some of them and especially the winners. Oh! And, tell those Elves with Attitude they won’t get refueled with hot chocolate, hot toddies, or hot tamales. I will restock them with TP for your trees, tho’.

    You’re welcome.

  25. I’m quite stupefied over the honor. Nothing means as much as accolades from one’s peers and I’m quite overcome by this. All I can say is thank you. From the depths of my heart, thank you.

  26. I’m so giddy right now I’ve been rendered positively stupid. A writer who suddenly has no words, but couldn’t be happier. All I can say at the moment is thank you. 🙂

  27. I appreciate the honorable mention. Honestly, I love the layout of my blog.. but the colors annoy me!
    Now I am off to check out some of these blogs. 🙂

  28. I smiled really big when I saw the blog you picked as the best for brand-building. Tristan’s a great guy. We hang together. We were in the same writers’ group I used to head up. This will make him very, very happy.

    • I’ve spent time oogling his blog… Probably because of the medieval look, which is my preferred genre to read. He probably has no idea how good it is. He just posted what felt right. I stop and look every time. Stopping to look = remembering. This is very good marketing.

      • Yes, I’ve been toying with the idea of going darker with mine. Do more dragons and knights, castles, etc. What do you think?

        • Not a bad idea, although I like the bright blog you have now. It does have a fantasy appeal, and I would stop on it. The challenge, is maiking me want to stay there for a while. FYI… out of the 126, your were the only yellow one… something to consider. Just the color makes it unique.