7 x 7 Link Blog Award

It’s been a very award winning season for me.  No more pouting when I see these lovely tags on other’s blogs.  Now I have quite a collection of my own!

I was granted the 7×7 award by the lovely and talented Ms. jmmcdowell.  Check out her blog.  Archaeologist by day, novel diva by night.  Thanks so much for the nod!


The Rules — 7 x 7 Link Award

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.  (Check)
  2. Write a post about it.  (Ummm. Doing that now.  Check)
  3. Answer 7 questions about yourself.  (Erghh.  See below)
  4. Link to 7 of your own posts: Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Popular, Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Controversial and Most Pride-Worthy
  5. Pass the award along to 7 bloggers who you think deserve it

10 Questions:

Favorite color: As girly as it is, I’ve recently become extremely fond of pink.  In a house with 4 men, it’s the only way to claim something as mine.

Favorite animal:  I have a big floppy poodle sleeping on my foot.  She’s cool, but it would probably be a tie with my wonderful koi.  (You can see a few of my koi swimming behind Eric in yesterday’s video.  The rest are in heated ponds outside) Chloe’s going to be tested for Canine Good Citizen some time this week when the AKC confirms.  If there was a test for fish, I’d give it to my koi.

Favorite number:  If I told you that… I’d have to kill you.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Gatorade  Has to be green, and cut 50% with water

Facebook or Twitter?  I’m not terribly fond of either, but I am addicted to my email.

My passion:  Writing and teaching.  I love creating new worlds, or maybe just escaping this one.

Getting or giving presents?  I love watching the expression on someone’s face when they open a special present.  Christmas videos are classic just for this.

Favorite pattern:  Swirly swishes.  If you don’t know what this is, look for some dividers in my blog.

Favorite day of the week: Thursday.  Only one day left before I can sleep.

Favorite flower: I’m rather fond of daylilies… The big exotic (expensive) ones… not the yellow ones you see everywhere.  I’m pretty fond of the water lillies in my pond, too.

Okay… that wasn’t all that hard.  This will be though.

7 Posts in the following categories:

Most Surprisingly Successful:  Sucking out your creativity…Cancer

Most Underrated:  Book Review of Throne

Most Popular:  I had to look this up, Funny, my most popular all-time post is the Kreativ Blogger award and Honorable mentions.  That one is still drawing people in.  Maybe because I listed so many great blogs to check out, people keep coming back.  Not sure.

Most Beautiful:  Art of Conflict.  I don’t know, I just love the way that one looks with all the images.

Most Helpful:  Any of the Gold Mine Manuscript Series.  Everyone seems to get a lot out of those

Most Controversial:  Tee Hee.  It’s sitting in my queue.  It’s called “The dreaded F-Bomb”  Some day, I will publish it.  I Promise.

Most Pride-Worthy:  Pride is a bad thing.  I don’t feel prideful about anything.  However, I was happy that I could make a friend feel better in “Don’t take it out on your Beta Reader

This was actually a really cool exercise.  I never went back before to see what my popular posts were.  I found it funny to see that many of my first posts only had 1-2 views TOTAL.  I may have to re-post some of the better ones.  It was neat, though, to see my numbers going up over time.

Okay.  There seems to be no criteria at all for this award, so since I have been hanging around my stats anyway, I am going to award this to the top commenters on my blog, and a few new cyber-friends who recently joined in the fun.  This is my “Thank you” for making my blog a warm and cozy place to hang out.

Jenny Keller Ford

Gloria Richard

Kristina Stanley


Natalie Hartford

Brinda Berry

Diana Murdock


Okay, so that’s eight… not seven. 
I’m a writer not a mathematician gosh dern it!


23 responses to “7 x 7 Link Blog Award

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  2. As I read the title I thought to myself, “Damn, doesnt she have enough awards–not that she does not deserve them.” Then I scrolled down a little more, remembered reading each one, “Can;t wait for the F-bomb, have a few of those myself.” Suddenly, my eyes caught my name. “Wow! She picked me!” I felt a little giddy and goose bumbs rolled up and down my body. I had to click the link just to make sure it was me.
    Thanks Jennifer!

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  4. What an honor to be nominated alongside such wonderful writers!
    I love this blog and all the people on it, and I learn something new every time I visit.
    Keep up the great posts! I’ll be waiting for ‘The Dreaded F-bomb’ post as I have some questions about that myself.
    I’ll try to prove myself worthy of such recognition. 🙂

  5. Congrats on your award:) Keep up the good work!

  6. Novel diva — wow, never been called that before! Keep up the great blog!

  7. Woot woot! Congrats Jennifer! I love it. You are so deserving and it’s nice to see your blog awards adding up. Your questions and links rock! I’ve been thinking about going back through some of my older post from way back when and reposting them since most of my newer readers would have never seen them – great idea!
    Now…thank you sooo much for passing the award along to me and those other ahhhmazing bloggers. Gotta luv feeling the luv! I totally appreciate it!!!

  8. Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m using bits a pieces of your post as a paradigm to help me organize mine. Maybe it’s only because I am a writer, but these “Awards” — thoughtful as they are — can be tedious and time-consuming to type up! You’d think I was accepting the Pulitzer, sheesh!

  9. Hi, Jennifer!

    So very nice to meet you! I was led to your lovely blog via-Google search after winning this award myself, and having not the slightest clue as to why I had been deemed with such a honor. After reading your post, LOL, I am still not sure if “I” did anything at all; however, it is simply nice to be thought of, yes? Yes! And what a treat to meet another writer. If your writing voice is anything like your speaking voice — full of wit and subtle humor — I can imagine you are wonderful writer indeed. I look forward to reading future posts 🙂

    Oh, and completely random, but I thought why the heck not; I, too, have an affinity for Gatorade cut with water. Lemonade and the two blues are my most favorite! Yours?


  10. Insert the “I’m not worthy!” emoticon guy here.

    The reason I visit and comment on your blog is because you have such varied, interesting and informative posts.

    You earned my loyalty, Jennifer.

    I nabbed the nifty bade anyway.

    I remember every one of the blogs you referenced. A veritable storehouse of information! Your son’s book review yesterday has me hopping ready to visit B&N today. I hope the “really-nice-one” is there today. She LOVES to talk about MG books.

    Oh! Wonder if she would do an interview for my blog. Woot!

  11. *cyber hug* Thanks for the lovely award! I’m totally with you on giving presents as the best thing ever. As for the Gatorade…you are the first person I’ve met to say that they love Gatorade. It’s nice to get to know you a little better.

    • Ha! I started drinking it when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn’t drink anything else. Not even water. 11 years later and I still buy it by the case (But thank goodness milk and water don’t make me yack anymore) Ahhhh the joys of pregnancy.

  12. Julie Catherine

    Congratulations, Jennifer! I enjoyed reading about you; and thank you for providing some wonderful new links to check out! ~ Julie 🙂

  13. Now I know you a little bit better, Jennifer! I’m going to be looking up each one of the blogs you mentioned, as well as the other award winners. And I really appreciate you passing on this award to me! Congratulations to everyone! *clapping wildly*